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    rab got a reaction from sw1223 in here's some feedback for YOUR site   
    This has been really frustrating me as well. Thanks so much for mentioning the Google cache sw1223! 😀
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    rab reacted to sw1223 in here's some feedback for YOUR site   
    This is directed at Squarespace, hopefully this is an acceptable section to place this complaint. 
    I just wanted to say it is incredibly frustrating that, for the last week or so (maybe longer or shorter, I'm not sure) any time I google for a squarespace-related question and click on a search result, every single one of those links is now dead and I can't view the content unless I go into Google's cache. And none of the old topics were migrated to this forum as I discovered by searching for some of those old forum post titles. So if I really want help I have to ask the same questions all over again, which is a huge waste of time for everyone.
    Can you please bring back the archived support forum posts and/or figure out a better way to fix this?
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