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  1. WOW. Yikes. Yeah. Super annoying and confusing... because I think some of the thumbnails automatically updated and some did not. Thank you so much for this!
  2. This is directed at Squarespace, hopefully this is an acceptable section to place this complaint. I just wanted to say it is incredibly frustrating that, for the last week or so (maybe longer or shorter, I'm not sure) any time I google for a squarespace-related question and click on a search result, every single one of those links is now dead and I can't view the content unless I go into Google's cache. And none of the old topics were migrated to this forum as I discovered by searching for some of those old forum post titles. So if I really want help I have to ask the same questions all
  3. Hi, I am trying to update product photos and have deleted a bunch of old ones but they still appear in the gallery view. How do I force the cache to refresh/update/clear on Squarespace's side? I have already cleared my browser cache, viewed the page in incognito mode, different devices, etc. but the old images keep showing up.
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