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  1. Ok thank you very much, so I'll wait a few days
  2. I'm not sure that my squarespace site structure is the right one, a "collections / index" like homepage does not seem to be good for SEO ... it's not a "page"
  3. Hello, https://cheetah-koala-ytr8.squarespace.com Password : essai2 Hello, my site is finished and I wanted to recvor the sitemap.xml but it is empty, my homepage is an index 😕 should I change this? How should I do this? I can not...
  4. Thank you very much ! This is the first time I use Squarespace, this customization of css involves moving to the business version?
  5. https://cheetah-koala-ytr8.squarespace.com 2 versions of 8 icons on homepage... hello is the password Thanks !
  6. Hello, Is it possible to disable Lightbox on a block Summary / Gallery ? I used this element to show 8 images (icons) in one line + 8 titles... on homepage. The use of Galerie/Grid is ok but the titles are cut...
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