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  1. That's very helpful indeed – thanks so much, @ThompsonWebDesign! Any idea regarding navigation link hover transparency? Perhaps this style attribute is left out entirely in 7.1 (I haven't found it in any of the other templates either, after having checked (almost..) all of them).
  2. Thanks, @tuanphan. Any thoughts, @colin, @paul2009, @brandon, @ThompsonWebDesign? Appreciate any help and advice!
  3. Hi again, @tuanphan. Don't you think this functionality should be part of the standard style settings, without the need of custom code in order to fix such basic things like hover/overlay colours and nav bar background colours? My actual question is whether there's something I'm not seeing. If one needs custom code to change these things, it might be better to stay on 7.0 for a little longer... what do you think/are there more known bugs/lack of functionality?
  4. @tuanphan, it worked – fantastic! Thanks, this was really helpful and very kind of you!
  5. Hi all, As 7.1 is still Early Access, I guess there are a few bugs here and there. However, does anyone have any experience with changing the colour of the site title/nav bar background when scrolling (the background on which the site title/nav bar appears when scrolling upwards)? This background appears black no matter how I change the site/nav bar colours in Settings. Another question is whether it would be possible to make nav items transparent/change colour when hovering over them. I've just started building one of my main sites from scratch in 7.1 using the Clarkson "templa
  6. @tuanphan, thank you so much! Adding it into Custom CSS didn't work, but in settings it does say that custom CSS won't work with Cover Pages. I guess there is no way to override this? Perhaps enabling Developer Mode could work?
  7. Thanks, @tuanphan! The site URL is https://www.aulaserien.no.
  8. Hi all, I have just published a landing/cover page for a new concert series to be launched in a few months. All is working well, except for the Newsletter Form, where certain fields have pre-set subheadings in English (such as First Name and Last Name, whereas you can easily edit the heading, please see attached screenshot). This looks very amateur when the rest of the site is in Norwegian. It would be even better if we could use the Newsletter Signup function with Email Campaign integration, but here none of the fields are editable (so the result in terms of lack of translated
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