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  1. Tuanphan, YOU ARE THE BEST ❤️ thank you
  2. I would like to change the font of my Blog Posts to a custom font. I have already upload this font to squarespace and use it as my h1 font. Is there any way to use this font for my blog headline on a BRINE template? thank you for your help. sarah 🙂 My testside is: https://finch-blenny-3nam.squarespace.com/blog-1/2015/10/15/ramen-ttrek password: 123
  3. hey mage, i try this ne code on my website and it works so great with your "standartscrollelements" ideas. but there is one big fail on my site. i have a summary blog on my site. everything works great but with this code i can´t get my summay blog work on tablet or mobile. the code cut my blog in half 🙂 have you any idea how can i get this code work? i only use snap to scrolling in wordpress and this is much more easy for me! any tips? sarah
  4. Site URL: https://www.mariadieruhe.com/work Hey, i just wonder if you could have different colors on hover on the carson template. my website is www.mariadieruhe.com any idea how to set 4 different colors on the main website? ( on the links "about" "releases" "dates" "videos" thank you for any help 🙂 sarah
  5. Hey, i just want to switch from my Brine built template to a tremont template because i love the carson design. But i can´t see the templates. Is tremont only for 7.1 or is there any problem with the template viewer? thank you for your help dani
  6. Same question here... Would like to built a new website on a 7.1 template and connect my existing squarespace domain to the new website. but there is no option to connect my "older" site! is there a way to do this without paying or give new credit informations? thanks, dani
  7. Hey, i just want to switch my new ( 30 days old ) squarespace website to a 7.1 template. is there any way without canceling my old account and give new credit informations? i can´t see any options to do this because squarespace dont show my existing squarepace page in the "migrate" window. what is the problem? do you have some tips? would be awesome 🙂 thanks a lot and have a nice christmas time dani
  8. Hello Tuanphan, the website is not Online at this moment. we still working on the website. any other idea how you can helped us out? 🙂 Thank you and have a nice day. Dani
  9. Hey, can anyone of you guys helped me with a transparent mobile bar? I just want to have the black bar transparent: Iam working with a Brine Template ( Cocoa ) Thank you so much 🙂
  10. Hey guys, thank you so much for your help. The code from Justmadeit works like a dream on my website. Even on mobile it´s perfect. THANKS 🙂
  11. Hey, can anyone of you guys helped me with a transparent mobile bar? I just want to have the black bar transparent: Iam working with a Brine Template ( Cocoa ) Thank you so much 🙂
  12. Hey Brandon, thank you so much. this is exactly my idea os scrolling through my page. is there any chance to see the code you use for this effect? maybe i can play around and find the right code for my website. and thanx for your advise, i have to work on my english to ask better questions 🙂 greetings from germany, Dani!
  13. hey guys, my english is not that good but i try to explain my question. I would like to build a one page website with a "scroll lock" effect. Is there any css code or tutorial how to make this effect? You can see this scroll effect at https://workflow-films.de Thank you and best wishes from germany! Dani
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