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  1. Thank you again Brandon! Resolved content positioning issue with the code above. Now I would like the gradient color rgba(233,210,192) to be at full opacity before the bottom of the banner. Somewhere right above the get started button (per the first image). I would also love to get rid of hyphens. I have attached a screenshot of the way the site currently looks on mobile.
  2. Thank you Brandon! Part of the code is working, part isn't. The gradient worked but .Index-page-content has pushed all the text up. Thoughts on why?
  3. I have attached an image that shows what I would like the first section of my website to look like on mobile. My site is onekindcreative.squarespace.com 1. I would like to change the background image on mobile to a gradient image. 2. I would like to bump the banner content down on mobile.
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