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  1. Site URL: https://www.onekindcreative.com/podcast/emily-jimison-celebrity-makeup-artist-3sf2f-2ga7x-9c42b-g2yyn I would like to have the headers of the blog posts on my site be full bleed parallax images called from an upload in the edit post window (like alternate social sharing image *see second attachment*). Is this possible? I would also like to have a gradient overlay on the image, the post titles to be white, and the navigation menu to be transparent. I recognize this is some pretty advanced customization, so I have provided an example of what I would like my blog posts to look like. Thank you for your help!
  2. Thank you again Brandon! Resolved content positioning issue with the code above. Now I would like the gradient color rgba(233,210,192) to be at full opacity before the bottom of the banner. Somewhere right above the get started button (per the first image). I would also love to get rid of hyphens. I have attached a screenshot of the way the site currently looks on mobile.
  3. Thank you Brandon! Part of the code is working, part isn't. The gradient worked but .Index-page-content has pushed all the text up. Thoughts on why?
  4. I have attached an image that shows what I would like the first section of my website to look like on mobile. My site is onekindcreative.squarespace.com 1. I would like to change the background image on mobile to a gradient image. 2. I would like to bump the banner content down on mobile.
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