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  1. Thats what Im saying. The teardrop never appears. If i click EDIT i get this (see attachment)
  2. Yes, text... but i can't add a content block in general. There is no option for me to add a content block to the those templates.
  3. Ive tried Jasper, Ishimoto, Brine, Hensen.... no matter what template I choose, I can't seem to add a content block. There is NO option to add one. I can add images and video, edit headers, footers.. but I can't add a content block? What am I doing wrong?
  4. Hmm.. Im not a subscriber (yet!) until I try it out more. I wonder if this will work: https://shark-goldfish-kgx3.squarespace.com The HENSEN template only has a single column. AND i believe doesnt have Image Blocks.
  5. Im new. Can you explain what you mean by blocks (or where). I can move the ORDER of photos, but I can't see to move them to side by side.
  6. Can I ask a followup. I believe Hensen is a single column layout. There are no dividers since the images are in a single column?
  7. Im using VIMEO to embed my videos. The thumbnails look great in VIMEO, but horrible on the SqSpace site! Even if i replace the thumbnail with an image in Vimeo, they still come out horrible. Is there any way to fix this? its enough to make me want to leave SqSpace for another host.
  8. In the editor I can crop, rotate, flip, colorize.. but I can't seem to find a way to RESIZE an image inside Squarespace. What am i missing?
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