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  1. Yeah that's the same approach I took with the Slider-style. No luck here either.
  2. Thanks again for being so helpful. This is too cool of you ;-) What about a Slider Gallery? Call me stupid if you wanna, but I'm trying to apply what you've mentioned to the Slider scenario without any luck. Got any hints as to how to pull it off?
  3. P.S. What coding needs to precede... .meta { display:block !important; } ...in order for it to specifically apply to various Gallery-types?
  4. Hey, Junkyard! Thanks for this! Would you mind including a link to an example you've applied this to? Thanks, again!
  5. In regards to Gallery Blocks: Images contained within Slideshow Gallery Blocks can have an image’s Title be made visible. …But Slider, Stacked and Grid Galleries cannot. Does anyone know how to code Gallery Blocks so an image’s Title will appear with pics contained in these other Gallery-types? Thanks!
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