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  1. Thanks for the response. I'll have to remember this moving forward, and write up some kind of boilerplate language warning these kinds of organizations (PTAs, other volunteer-based entities) about this.
  2. I've got a customer (local PTA) who would like to sell spirit wear items in-person. I sent them the link for SS's instructions and videos for doing that - they downloaded the SS and Square apps, got the card reader, but I had to connect their Square account to their site for them. The particular person I was speaking to had "Store Manager" permissions. We soon discovered that "Store Manager" does not actually include the ability to create a transaction on the SS app; she had to have full admin privileges to do that. This seems counter-intuitive and frankly dangerous. I don't think it's a good idea for a random parent volunteer to have full admin access to their website - that's just asking for trouble. Am I missing something?
  3. I have a yoga studio who uses Squarespace Scheduling for enrollment in their classes. They have a weekly class on every Wednesday, but this week they need to cancel the class. I have tried deleting the instance, but when I type "DELETE" and click "OK", I am booted out of scheduling and sent back to the home page and home screen of my dashboard, and the class has not actually been deleted. I tried to edit the class from 100 allowed slots to 0, but after doing that I get a message that says that the class was "successfully added" to the calendar; checking the class details still shows 100 available slots. Is there a system-wide glitch happening right now? This process usually works for me.
  4. Site URL: https://www.whitmanptsa.org/ I'm an admin on a local PTSA website, and my client is having issues managing orders on the site. One user in particular cannot edit order details when using a web browser - clicking on an individual order does nothing. I suggested she restart her browser, flush her cookies, restart her computer, use a different browser, but nothing seems to work. I even tried logging in to her account and trying myself, but that didn't work either. I can edit the orders if I'm on the site using my own admin account, so it's not a site-wide issue. The curious thing is that this user can, however, edit order details when using the Squarespace app (using her same login credentials). Any ideas what I can do here?
  5. I have a client with several classes available on her scheduling platform. She would like to know if it's possible to easily send an email to everyone who has signed up for a class, in case of any updates. For example, let's say that Kathy's 9:00 class has been delayed 15 minutes, or that Steve will be subbing in for Kathy at 4:00. Is there a way to send one email to all those people with that update?
  6. You can do this by editing your email confirmation template. You can use the same template for all confirmations, or you can make specific templates per "class". For example, I'm making a site for a yoga studio that offers 9 online classes; I've made a unique confirmation template for each class.
  7. Thanks, but I don't think I was specific enough with my question. I wanted to know if a client can make a reservation appointment (for their yoga classes), in person at their studio, using SS's scheduling platform, and physically pay in person with the Square card reader. I know products and services that are sold through the site can be purchased, but the scheduling transactions are a gray area to me.
  8. I have a yoga studio client who wants to know if she can process transactions in her studio, in-person, using a Square card reader. Is this possible?
  9. Site URL: https://www.thebluehousebethesda.com/ I've got a client who keeps flagging various products in their inventory as "hidden", but checking the live site sometimes shows the product is still visible on product pages as well as search results. I'm using a 7.1 template, and I'm curious as to the parameters for this function. Does hiding a product happen instantaneously, or is it more of a "24 hours later" thing? My testing leans towards the latter. Does anyone else have any input on this? Additionally, is there a way to display or search for items in inventory that have been flagged as hidden? As it is now, all I can see is either manual browsing to look for the tag in the inventory list, or exporting the inventory as a spreadsheet that I cross-reference with the site.
  10. My client's site is https://www.thebluehousebethesda.com/ I did not, however, add the line of code above, as I already had all portions of @DPruitt's code applied.
  11. Many thanks for this solution; the desktop version works great. I've tried the updated code for mobile, but it does not work correctly. Specifically, the icon does display properly, but I can't actually click it. I've tested this on a resized desktop window as well as an actual mobile device.
  12. Okay, so the issue is that categories must be assigned, as you suggested, by using the existing URL slug for that category. This is completely different than the process for adding tags in the spreadsheet, as plain text is used there. I feel like this is user unfriendly, and needlessly confusing. In any case, for clarity: Tags can be added in the CSV using plain text, with multiple tags requiring commas and a space between them. Categories can be added in the CSV, but entries must match the corresponding URL slug that must exist on the site prior to import. Each category's URL slug is available by going into your product page, clicking on a category, then clicking the gear icon to view settings. Multiple categories can be added using commas and a space between them, and using the slash (/) is not required. I feel like this should be made more clear in the documentation. Thanks again for your assistance.
  13. Also, forgive my ignorance - where are "Store Settings?" I've looked through the entire menu and I can't find anything listed as such. ETA: Never mind, I found it.
  14. I'm spelling and using the same case the same way the categories are named on the back end. So "Home Decor", not "home-decor". There is no URL for categories, since all my products are on a single product page with its own URL. Do I have to account for how Squarespace converts characters like spaces and pluses? That doesn't make sense, since like I said those categories are effectively "tags" and not URLs...
  15. Thanks for that; your experience mirrors mine somewhat. I can confirm that the categories I want to use for import do exist on the site, despite no item actually possessing a category: So seeing them here makes me think the import method will work, but it does not: Do I need to have at least one product actually have a category assigned to it for this to work? In other words, the categories exist on the back end, but perhaps since none of them are actually in use, the import method can't function properly. I'll have to run some more tests to find out, but if you could let me know whether or not you had product with category or categories defined only I'd appreciate it...
  16. Does anybody have any insight to why I can't assign categories to my products via the CSV import process? I have almost 1,000 products to assign categories to, and doing it manually is going to cost me a lot of time, and my client a lot of money if that's what I end up having to do. I know this import method has its limitations, but category assignation is specifically mentioned in the documentation as being one of the features.
  17. I was able to import around 983 products into my product page using the CSV import method; I was migrating from an existing site to a new one using the 7.1 platform, so exporting then importing was my best bet. I was able to apply multiple tags to all my products, and it worked great. My issue now is that I'd like to add the "Related Products" function to the product display pages, but I noticed that it will only (automatically) display products from the same category. (I like this solution because it won't require much input on my part.) I currently don't have categories assigned to any of the products, so I figured I'd export the inventory, edit the CSV to add a category to the products, using category names that have already been created. But after the import, nothing is updated and the error message reads, "Categories not assigned - Try assigning these categories manually". It lists the items as "Updated", but since the only change was the addition of a category, and that failed, nothing was really updated. Am I doing something wrong here? Like I said, the categories are already named on the back end; no products actually have a category, but I know they're there because they show up in the list of options when I go to select a category in the product edit window. Anyone have any tips on getting this to work?
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