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    JamesDesign reacted to Icclebug in Rounded edges image cards   
    Just perfect @paul2009 and great for me to learn too. Thank you so much.
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Rounded edges image cards   
    You should be able to do this with a little more CSS¬†ūüôā. For example:
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .view-item.collection-type-blog.collection-5eefe73c2814402a19db9172 .sqs-block-image img {     max-width: 70%;   margin-left: 5%; } } Explanation:
    The first line is a media query that prevents it from applying unless the "viewport" (the screen width) is less than 768 pixels.  I set the maximum width of the image to 70%, but you can change this to suit your needs. I added a left margin of 5% to align the image with the text on the mobile page, because images are normally shown full width on mobile devices. 
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Rounded edges image cards   
    The principles that I posted above will apply.
    Your new blog has the ID collection-5eef756051dd591e6c7efa5b. You (or others reading this) can find a collection ID by using the dev tools built into your browser. I wrote a guide for this if you'd like further pointers. 
    Regarding the specific question, you can add rounded corners to all the images within all the posts in this blog, by adding this to Custom CSS:
    .Main .view-item.collection-type-blog.collection-5eef756051dd591e6c7efa5b img {   border-radius:10px; } Regarding the Summary Block spacing, there's 40px of right margin after each column in the block, hence the off-centre look.
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    JamesDesign reacted to njamesh01 in Thumbnails on order confirmation email   
    Site URL: https://amelja.co.uk/
    Hi there,
    Is there a way (using CSS) to add images of the items purchased on the order confirmation email.
    A thumbnail next to the relevant order number - located in the attached would be very useful.

    Thanks in advance!

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    JamesDesign reacted to Icclebug in Style ideas for arranging headshots   
    Hi everyone 
    I’m looking for some inspiration please!
    I’ll be having a few pages on the site dedicated to groups of people - Board of Directors and Fellows. I’ve looked at gallery options and I’m struggling for ideas on how to best present a group of headshots. 
    I’d like to have all their headshots and upon clicking/hovering a short biography should appear. 

    Any ideas on best practice or innovative ways of designing such a page, or even any examples would be really appreciated. 
    Thank you. 
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in How do I show inventory quantity of a product variant?   
    Right now, the better way is Shopify. It has a locations feature that allows you to manage inventory at each location. This is built to work with local pickup for online orders.
    However, this workaround should work as you describe on Squarespace¬†ūüôā.
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    JamesDesign reacted to kathy.epperson in Adding gratuity   
    I have the same question about being able to add gratuity for an order pick-up. (My client is a craft brewery.) I believe I was told in a support chat with Squarespace that there is no option to add gratuity for customer orders. Poking around, I did see you can add an in-store pickup 'fee', which I believe is set up when you set up your 'shipping' options. In my client's case, they offer delivery (which they charge $5 for, with minimum order), and we have not charge a fee for picking up at curbside, but I don't see why we couldn't use this. See more here:

    The other thing you might take advantage of is integrating ChowNow into your Squarespace site, which should allow you to add an option for gratuity. Not sure about pick-up time windows since I haven't researched that (ChowNow won't work for non-food menus). I actually used ChowNow as a customer for a different business, and it seemed to work well. There is an option to keep your customer on your website and one to send them to the ChowNow site. Find more here:

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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Video on mobile?   
    Mobile browsers and operating systems define whether banner videos load. This isn't controlled by Squarespace.
    Whether banner videos load will depend on a visitor's connection speed, device and browser version. When the banner video cannot load, the mobile fallback image will appear (if configured).
    There isn't an alternative option built-in, but you could use code to show a gallery instead of the image on mobile devices. To do this, you'd add the gallery to the page and show it in place of the banner fallback image using CSS and a media query.
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    JamesDesign reacted to Spaceyjo in Video on mobile?   
    Site URL: https://joannapaolaart.com
    On my mobile site, it won't show the banner video that plays on desktop. It shows the mobile fallback image instead. Is there any way to get the video to play on mobile? OR a way to have a gallery slider there instead? Thank you!
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in How can I make a "Pay what you want" price on an item in my shop?   
    That's because it isn't possible, as posted above. The value must be predetermined if you are using the Squarespace checkout. The only way around is to process payments using a non-Squarespace checkout and payment method.
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    JamesDesign reacted to BayfieldBerryFarm in Product Tax   
    Site URL: http://bayfieldberryfarm.on.ca
    Hello, after talking to customer support they directed me to here.
    Our business sells two kinds of product one that is a no tax item (food) and others that are taxes (liquor). There is no way in their system to make this happen. They suggested maybe seeing if someone has a way to customize it so that it does? Anyone can help out?
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Product Tax   
    If you want to use the Squarespace commerce features, the only workaround is to add the 0% items as services instead of physical products. This is because there's an option to set VAT at 0% on services. For example, here's a screenshot of the checkout with two products, one configured as a physical product and the other (the coffee) set up as a service product with no VAT.
    As with everything, there's a downside to this. Real service products don't require physical delivery, so the checkout won't prompt for shipping information unless there's a physical product in the cart too.
    There are no other workarounds (even with code or addons) to amend the way Squarespace commerce deals with VAT. This is because VAT is handled on the backend of Squarespace - the part that only Squarespace themselves have access to. To charge different rates of VAT per product, you'll need to use another platform for the checkout (such as Shopify buttons), or switch entirely to another platform.
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    JamesDesign reacted to mmmkdana in variable price based on quantity orderd   
    Site URL: https://drinkmixy.co
    Note: My site shop is currently disabled, but I can make it active if anyone needs to view the actual site to understand my concerns. 
    I'm trying to figure out the best way to automatically discount the price of my product based on the quantity ordered. 
    For example, 1 for $16, 2 for $30, etc. I originally set this up as a pricing variant on my product. However, I see two issues with this:
    1) I do not think it will automatically update my inventory when a customer orders.
    2) In the checkout page, there are two different areas that say "quantity." One of them is a dropdown menu. When a customer adjusts the quantity on the dropdown menu, this discounted price structure doesn't apply.  
    3) In the picture of the shopping cart below, the customer has adjusted quantity to 4. Then, if they want to adjust the quantity from the shopping cart, they can't just add a single item. Instead, when they adjust the quantity to 2, it adds 8 more (4 x 2), instead of 4 + 1. Ah! Not sure if this make sense, but hopefully in the picture you can see the issue. 
    I understand that automatic discounts can be applied on the commerce advance plan. However, I'm wondering: 
    Is there a better way to set up this price structure automatically, other than using price variants?  If I need to use the price variant, how can the discount be applied when a customer adjusts the quantity in their cart?  Any guidance, insight, or solutions is much appreciated! 

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    JamesDesign reacted to jkm1968 in Integrating a Third Party Calendar   
    Site URL: https://www.templeemanuel.org
    I have a calendar that is currently in Outlook 365.  That is where it is updated on a regular basis.  I am trying to do 2 things.  1) Add this calendar as a calendar block on to my website and 2) be able to sync it periodically so it contains accurate information.  Anyone know how to do this?  I found this on another Squarespace website.  I was told I need to use a custom css code to do that. Hoping for an easier way unless someone can share how to do it.  Thanks! 

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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Adding 'next' and 'previous' arrows to a product image slideshow   
    Hi Spencer
    Can you explain a little further?
    Do you want to add a slideshow to the product images on the product detail page (see below), or do you want to do something on the product list page?

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    JamesDesign reacted to ArminB in Why does Squarespace enlarge the file size of an already compressed image?   
    I just got a message from a client ( a photographer)

    "....I thought was odd because I limited EVERY file to less tham 740kb at 3000px..This file was showing as 2500px and was saying it was 1.5mb So then I recompressed it and made it 2500px sent it through tiny JPG and got it to 442kb..I uploaded it to Squarespace and now its showing as 666kb…SO squarespace in resizing my images has made them ALL larger which is making the site fail speed test which is certainly going to effect my performance. "
    That sounded strange so I ran another test myself (screenshot attached)
    1) example File I received 2500x2500 with 1.5MB and after compression 442KB
    2) Double-checking the compression on tinyjpg.com and Photoshop Webexport
    3) I uploaded the file to Squarespace and right-click downloaded it agin and the file was 666kb
    Seeme the difference can be even bigger.
    I'm very concerned. thanks for yor help.

    PS: What do you think @paul2009 or @tuanphan
    I know Google Page Speed and Squarespace are not best friends but what't the best pratice here?

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    JamesDesign reacted to james92 in Help... 7.1 Editor is ridiculously SLOW   
    Experiencing this too. it's barely usable. And there's still no media library??
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Some products are available online, others are not   
    Hi @akb33
    In my opinion, visitors will indeed have a better experience if they can view similar products together on the same page, even if they are not available for online purchase. However, as you pointed out, it's essential that product availability is made clear on the product list page(s). It would be frustrating for them to click into each product before they discover it is unavailable. You can do this by adding a label to these products.
    Squarespace already has a 'Sold Out label that can appear when products have zero inventory. With some code, you could repurpose this for offline products. To enable Sold Out labels, open a product list page and then go to Design > Site Styles. Find the Products: Status Badges tweak, and choose a Style other than None. The labels will now appear for all products with zero inventory. You can change the label to "Available in store only" (see below) for certain products, by adding some code to your site and an "In-store" tag to these products.

    First, add a tag to one of the products. Edit the product and then click + beside Tags in the lower left corner and type the name of the tag.

    Save the changes and then go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection to add some code.
    You'll find the code in this guide: Changing Squarespace 'SOLD OUT' labels to something else. The specific instructions for your situation are in the section entitled How to change only one product category.
    For the benefit of others who read this post:
    This snippet is for the Squarespace 7.0 Brine-family template, as referenced in the author's question. All code snippets provided are simplified and provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. If you need code for a business-critical website, consider hiring an experienced web developer who you can trust to build secure and reliable code at a competitive price. I hope this helps.
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    JamesDesign reacted to srodrigues in 7.1 is horrible right?   
    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all the input here! For any feedback that you would like to be logged, contacting our Customer Support team would be the best approach. As per point 6 of the forum guidelines we don't track platform feedback in this forum. For now, I am closing this post.
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    JamesDesign reacted to derricksrandomviews in Add Spotify Icon to Top Navigation   
    I went into  settings and social links, selected add a link and pasted the address for spotify, https://www.spotify.com/us/ This worked on my site, the link placed a Spotify social icon right next to all my other ones. I don't have an account so clicking it went to the main Spotify page. 
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Line break with product titles   
    The code referred to was for 7.0 and needed to be modified for Squarespace 7.1. Here's a version that should work in your situation. 
    Let me know how you get on.
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in How to replace squarespace logo with custom logo in Google search.   
    This icon is the 'favicon'. All Squarespace sites start with the default cube favicon but you can replace it with your own image to better fit your site's brand. There's a guide for changing it here: Adding a favicon or browser icon.
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    JamesDesign reacted to emily.klein in ACCORDION MENU ON PRODUCT PAGE   
    Hi Experts!
    I would like to add an accordion menu on the product pages, so that the menu sits below the Product Title and Price and above the Add To Cart.
    At the moment, I can add it to the Additional Comments section using the mark-down block and these instructions https://fallonmade.com/blog/accordion-dropdown-squarespace-css,
    but it's too disconnected. 
    I would like a similar look to how it's been done here  https://www.net-a-porter.com/au/en/product/1208675/anderson_s/textured-leather-belt
    I'm using the Brine template.
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    JamesDesign reacted to tuanphan in How to create a demo-site for clients?   
    1. If you are Circle Member, you have 6 month trial.
    Detail: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/218890098-About-Squarespace-Circle
    2. With domain issue, you should contact Squarespace Custom Care.
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Old events still showing up in search   
    All events, including past events, will show up in search results. If you don’t want events to be visible set their published status is set to Scheduled, Needs Review, or Draft.
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