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    JamesDesign reacted to ScottC1980 in Missing the option to add form submission to mailing lis   
    Site URL: https://www.colmoretailors.co.uk
    We are signed up to ss mailing lists and are looking to create a form where people can submit an enquiry and we can ask if they want to sign up to our mailing list.
    However SS is not showing as a storage option in the form block?   Mailchimp does but not SS.
    Can anyone help?
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Subscription Products Advice   
    This is an old thread, but the situation hasn't changed. I find that Squarespace is great place to start building a brand and transacting with customers, but if your business takes off, you'll easily outgrow the platform within a year. If you have subscription products, moving active subscribers to another platform will be painful for you and your customers, many of whom may be irritated or confused, and may choose not to create a subscription on the new platform.
    Squarespace is still the best website design solution available for small businesses, but if you need an advanced commerce platform, or think you'll need one within a year, I strongly recommend Shopify instead. 
    There are a number of long-standing limitations with Squarespace Commerce where no visible progress is being. I shared the list with Squarespace shortly after the launch of Subscriptions in 2018 - and I have discussed them a number of times since - but very little has changed (my post includes updates). 
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    JamesDesign reacted to JamesLD in Subscription Products Advice   
    Site URL: https://www.lakelandlights.co.uk/
    Hi everyone,
    We have a commerce website and so far the commerce functionality has been fine for our needs. 
    We are looking to expand our product ranges soon and as part of that one product range will be offered as a monthly subscription service to customers. We have spent some time looking into this and know that the functionality within SquareSpace is pretty limited i.e. you can  offer monthly subscriptions but there's no way to edit billing cycles or similar. 
    We would like to be able to set up subscriptions as follows for example:
    New subscriber signs up before a monthly cut off date (e.g. 24th) and is billed immediately and receives that month's subscription in the post straight away. Thereafter they go onto a monthly billing cycle billed on the 1st of every month and receive their monthly box 2-3 days after. Those joining after the cut off date will be billed immediately but receive next month's subscription box and go onto the monthly billing cycle in the following month. This is ideal for us as it would allow us to manage stock and inventory on a monthly basis with subscription packages being posted out on one set monthly date for the most part (2-3rd of a month).
    Am I definitely right in saying that SquareSpace does not offer any of this functionality right now? I assume our only option with the current functionality is to receive monthly subscribers ad hoc and post out on different dates each month depending on when they subscribed? As an extreme example, say we had 1,000 subscribers all spread equally in when they signed up over a month meaning we'd be shipping out 33 subscription products each day. This has the potential to be extremely labour intensive if subscriber numbers do grow. Especially if subscription reporting within SquareSpace is relatively limited (which we understand it is).
    Has anyone had any experience with this situation? We have had a look at external services such as Subbly but they are not very clear in how they'd work if we're honest. We have also looked into potentially having the entire commerce side of our website set up through Shopify, to access the functionality available through apps there, but we'd lose our SquareSpace customer accounts (of which we have many). Do you think we could offer something along the lines of:
    Subscriber joins between 1-14th of each month - their subscription product will be sent on the 15th Subscriber joins between 15th - end of each month - their subscription product will be sent out on last day of the month This would put things into two monthly shipments BUT our monthly box ends up going out late in a month to subscribers - e.g. our July box goes out end July and ends up being received early August.
    We'd appreciate any advice we can receive on this as we obviously need to choose an option and stick with as swapping over to something else later in the day won't work for existing subscribers.
    Many thanks
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in ApplePay Option Is Not Shown On My Site   
    I couldn't view your site earlier but now that I can, I'll explain. It's because you've added Local Pickup to the Checkout:

    Local pickup is very new and doesn't yet integrate with Apple Pay so, when you added this feature, the Apple Pay feature was temporarily removed.
      If this post has helped you, please click an icon below  ⬇️
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Getting Email List Quality Error on Import, List is 100% Opt-In Valid Emails   
    There is a known issue with the Campaigns import process and the team is actively working on updates to the process.
    To explain, before allowing the email addresses to be added, Squarespace checks each address to ensure it is not on a spam list and meets certain criteria. These checks are supposed to ensure that you do not spam others. However, the algorithm has issues, and is blocking some email addresses that are perfectly valid. When one email address fails, the entire import fails. 
      If this post was helpful, please click an icon below  ⬇️
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    JamesDesign reacted to Tamara_TheInitiative in Getting Email List Quality Error on Import, List is 100% Opt-In Valid Emails   
    I'm having the same issue. Every month I need to update a newly updated, cleansed list from Sales Force and it's rejects me every time, I'm now down to importing 50 at a time, not great when you're paying for the highest level . It's so frustrating because I recommended to my client to use Squarespace now I look like a fool. 
    Please Squarespace can engineering looks at this issue?
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    JamesDesign reacted to dylanmaustin in Getting Email List Quality Error on Import, List is 100% Opt-In Valid Emails   
    I'm really lost for what to do here, and this is happening with several examples of email lists in csv format.
    I am trying to import a CSV of email signups that were people who came directly to a landing page and entered their information in order to receive ticket presale notifications. All of the emails are valid (I even recognize a handful of them) and are 100% voluntary signups of people who engage with our business.
    Additionally, there are a few I am importing from venues we work with. They are lists on which people opted into marketing communications. As for the quality of these email addresses, they MUST be real and valid and properly formatted - these are emails the customer used to receive order confirmations and tickets in order to attend an event.
    So in all of these cases, I get that error message, which is making me entirely regret migrating from MailChimp to SquareSpace for this part of our business. I get that spam and quality of email lists are a thing, I just can't think of a better example than voluntary signups by people who are clearly real individuals?
    I need a rather urgent resolution on this or else I will have to go back to MailChimp, so any help is appreciated!
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in squarespace HSTS is broken -- can someone please fix?   
    I agree, Squarespace do not follow security best practice for HSTS, but there is nothing you can do about the Squarespace settings. These are controlled by Squarespace and can only be changed if Squarespace choose to change them. 
    If you require more secure settings then you'll need to host your DNS on a third party service that can act as a reverse proxy and enforce stricter SSL settings. For example, Cloudflare.
    For the benefit of anyone else who is reading this thread, HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) is a web security policy technology designed to help keep web servers secure against 'downgrade' attacks. HSTS causes browsers to strictly enforce web security practices and can prevent attackers redirecting visitors' browsers from your site to a different, lower security site that they control. The HSTS max-age parameter tells browsers how long to continue to enforce policy even if the site changes.
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    JamesDesign reacted to Kristina_Praxis in squarespace HSTS is broken -- can someone please fix?   
    The issue specifically is that we need to add a HSTS derivative for max-age and includeSubDomain.  Specifically, our security department scans said that our Squarespace site (www.praxiseng.com) is not following HSTS security best practices because we do not include HSTS attributes to include "max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains;".
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Redirect after purchase of a single/specific product?   
    I've assumed that you have one scheduling page shared among all mentoring sessions and that this scheduling page is unlinked and hidden from search results - and similarly hidden on Calendly - to prevent non-purchasers discovering it.
    Some JS could be written to look for a common abbreviation (usually in the SKU as this metadata isn't as obvious to the customer as the product title). If the phrase is found on the Order Confirmation page, the JS will modify the page content to add the scheduling page link and some instructions/guidance for the customer.
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    JamesDesign reacted to Chele in Redirect after purchase of a single/specific product?   
    Thanks @paul2009. The example would be when a client purchases a mentoring session they would then be directed to a scheduling page where they could schedule their sessions. We don't want to make this public or front facing on the site because we don't want people to sign up without having first purchased. We are using an external calendar source (calendly) and have it embedded on a page because we are selling multiple services (some of which are more products than service and don't require a scheduled time) and I haven't yet found a way to allow someone to buy one of each in the same purchase.
    Currently, we have put the scheduling link into the notification email they receive upon purchase, but that also goes to people who purchase items that don't need scheduling. Ideally we would like the scheduling option to only be accessible to those that purchase mentoring. Hope that makes sense. The site is mixingmasteringmentoring.com. Thank you!
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    JamesDesign reacted to Steph1249 in Adding a section underneath Shop products?   
    Site URL: https://dralicepsyd.com/resources
    Hello! Can anyone think of a workaround to getting a content block underneath a Shop product section rather than at the top of it? The top two items that I have here I've set up as external links rather than shoppable-via-Squarespace items (they're supposed to be purchased through another system), so what I've done is just set them up as standard content pieces that link out. The only issue I'm having is that I can't move this block underneath the main shop items. Is there a way to do this? 
    Thank you!!
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    JamesDesign reacted to Nondys in How to Hide Time on the Pop Up of an Event Calendar   
    Site URL: https://www.moffittsmermaids.com/packages
    Hello! I was hoping someone would be able to help me disable the time on an event calendar on hover? I was able to hide the time on the calendar but when you hover over the date it still shows up.
    I'm not sure how to find the right code when I inspect the page since when I hover over the event day the inspect tool doesn't really work... not on hover anyway.
    Here is an image of my calendar now. 
    How do I hide the time of ALL events on Hover?
    You can view this page at moffittsmermaids.com/packages
    Thank you so much!

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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in How do you make this...?   
    Thanks for posting.
    Showing a Portfolio Layout that doesn't exist is confusing for potential clients so I also raised this with Squarespace.
    Their response was very disappointing:
    "This is an example of a modification that you may be able to achieve using custom code. I can see how this might seem misleading for sure! That said, the platform is for both brand new beginners and experienced coders alike. We add these options to give several ideas to our customers and to present an option, just like our templates present an option and an idea."
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    JamesDesign reacted to DavidCliff in How do you make this...?   
    Thanks. That's not what I'm asking about... The video shows three different ways that you can customise the portfolio gallery. State 1 and 2 are possible:
    1. Hover:Background
    2. Grid:Simple
    What is state 3?
    I suspect, from scouring the forum, this is a design state that might have been disabled. There appears to be a few bugs contaminating this particular feature. 
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Creating an Artist directory?   
    You can do this with a Blog Collection. Add a post for each artist, and use categories or tags for their medium. You can set the Site Styles to determine how they appear - thumbnails, titles, excerpts and so on. 
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Business Directory   
    See this thread:
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Remove JOIN Button from Member Area access denied screen   
    You should be able to hide it by adding the following to Design > Custom CSS:
    #sqs-member-access-page-root button:first-of-type {   display: none!important; } Redirect
    You can add an alternative 'Join' option by adding a link within the text of the Access Denied Screen (you can edit this in Design > Access Denied Screen) or you can write some JavaScript to modify the behaviour of the original button instead of hiding it.
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    JamesDesign got a reaction from creedon in Paypal not working   
    It will be best to contact Squarespace and PayPal to try to resolve this.
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Change title size on mobile   
    On the Five template, the site logo can appear on mobile if you position the logo in the banner instead of the header. You can set this in Site Styles, by setting the Banner Content tweak to "Site Title Logo Tagline".
    However, if the site logo is in the header (as it currently is) then the logo will always be replaced by the site title. It isn't possible to change this with some simple CSS, it will require some JavaScript (and therefore a Business plan or above).
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in reserving   
    Products are not reserved when a customer reaches the checkout page. A product's stock level will only reduce when a customer completes the final step within the checkout, and payment is attempted. If you have one of a product left in stock and two customers added it to their carts at the same time, the product will be sold to whoever completes checkout first. This cannot be changed. 
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    JamesDesign reacted to paul2009 in Changing Donation Confirmation   
    I completely agree.
    It is very confusing to donors and shouldn't be like this. Personally I consider this a bug that needs to be fixed. However, as you mentioned, Squarespace Customer Care didn't agree, and whilst they agree that this change would make sense their exact response was "This does indeed appear to be an intentional behaviour". 🤯 
    I have flagged this today regardless.
    In the meantime, I've written a short guide that explains how you can change the message on the Donation Confirmation page with a few lines of JavaScript.

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    JamesDesign reacted to Kate_Black-2021 in Changing Donation Confirmation   
    @kindandbrave: Thanks for this question. I am also struggling with this on a website I'm currently building pro bono for an author and related non profit that he's launching.
    After many rounds with Squarespace Support it does appear that at this time, it's not possible to customize any copy on the donation confirmation page.

    Our key challenge with this is that this page currently pulls the Site title, instead of the Donation Title,  into the confirmation description, and the Site Title on this site is the author's name ––  very different than the actual recipient of the funds, which is actually an organization soon to get 501 (C)3 funding.

    Because it is possible to customize every other notification in the Order/Donation Confirmation communications stream with the name of the actual recipient of the donation -the Donation Title, as opposed to the Site Title (which Squarespace has chosen to program into this final step of the order communication stream within the website itself but then not let you edit), this creates significant discrepancy and confusion for donors as to who/what they are donating to. As someone who has worked in marketing and fundraising for non-profits for a decade, I will offer that this is a serious problem. In this instance,  particularly, it's also awkward and uncomfortable, as for a transitory moment the donor may think they are actually donating to an individual instead of the organization, despite the fact that in every other confirmation throughout their process, and in our customized Donor email confirmation- they are reassured that they are contributing to the organization itself.

    After many (many) rounds with Squarespace Support on this issue over the past week, I Googled it externally and found an incredible and thoughtful resource in a Squarespace Consulting group in Ireland called SFDigital . They are vetted through Squarespace and the key partner, Paul, @paul2009 works with Squarespace's through their "Hire an Expert" programme. He was incredibly helpful, savvy to the challenge and kind enough to actually spend some time offering a few free thoughts on the matter via Chat. SFDigital's thought –– if I am paraphrasing correctly, as I am a photojournalist, designer and fundraiser and not a developer –– is this is perhaps a bug in Squarespace's programming in that they are correctly using the designated Donation Title on all other donation page communications and the email confirmation, but defaulting inappropriately to the Site Title, for some reason, on the Thank You page.

    I also tried the work-around of using a Javascript snippet to redirect to a different customized unlinked confirmation page by injecting the code into the Order Confirmation section, which didn't work. Thanks to @Airwards, it looks like this may actually work if it is injected into the Header instead; we'll give it a go.
    Site URL: https://rogerpbriggs.org/
    Attachments: For clarification of the explanation above and to visually show the donor's confusing experience, I've attached a series of screenshots of the checkout and confirmation process of a donor making a contribution to this site.  They clearly show the Donation Title in all places until the final Thank You confirmation, and are attached in the order that a donor will see them.
    The final screenshot is a capture of the back end of the Donation Confirmation EMAIL that donors receive in their own inbox after they may a donation- as opposed to the immediate uneditable pop up "THANK YOU" message/Donation Confirmation PAGE they see on the site (as shown in the fourth screenshot attachment.) This back end view seems to clearly show that there is a tag for a Donation Title, as opposed to a Site Title, that is being used in other elements of the Order Confirmation process.
    Thanks to all who have additional thoughts to contribute on how to resolve this issue!

    Kind regards-

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    JamesDesign reacted to Seeeeeg in Blocking Dark Mode   
    Site URL: https://aboutbeavers.squarespace.com
     I recently build a small portfolio website. It was important for me to always have a white website with black writing/menu.
    However, I saw my website on a friend's Android phone. And it turned out that (during the day!) the website was black. And also the burger menu was dark grey instead of black/white (depending of which page it is).
    I guess this is the dark mode that the browser enforces? Is there a code to prevent this from happening? On my iPhone there is always everything in white (see Screenshot) - even at night with system-wide dark mode.
    Best regards,

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    JamesDesign reacted to techrookie in HELP - Shipping Rate Calculator   
    Site URL: https://www.betweenbox.com/shipping-cost/
    I am trying to add a shipping rate calculator to my website - like the attached images and site.
    I would like to show a range of different carriers like... Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL
    I have been searching the internet for hours and have not got very far :(
    If anyone has any tips, it would be much appreciated. 
    Thank you in advance!

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