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  1. Not currently, no. https://caniuse.com/?search=hevc
  2. I'm guessing the file is HEVC encoded. Have you tried encoding in H.264 to see if this works?
  3. Visitors won't interact with the asterisk, so there isn't any benefit in adding a popup to it. For transparency, clearly signpost the disclaimer/footnote by including an anchor link immediately after the statement that takes visitors to the explanation.
  4. The headshot original is only 451 pixels wide which is why it is being enlarged and lacks crispness. If you have a larger original image, it would be best to upload this instead. Anything up to 2500px wide would work well.
  5. It will be best to contact Squarespace and PayPal to try to resolve this.
  6. The pricing is not awesome. $39 per month is considerably more than the Squarespace website.
  7. Don't worry about arbitrary performance scores. As was mentioned already above, Core Web Vitals is only one indicator of a site's performance and it's not the most important one. It is just one of the many measurements being used to determine your site's SEO ranking. Content will remain the most important factor in maintaining your SEO score. A good popular site with great relevant content will always beat a site with poor content, regardless of what the metrics say. There is a lot you can do. Review your content. Check your metadata. Ensure your sitemap and navigation are clear and easy to navigate. Make certain that image file sizes are not large and remove any third-party code that you aren't sure about. Once you've done this, the rest is up to Squarespace engineers.
  8. Deleting the cart contents seems counter-intuitive to me.
  9. The cart has been designed to retain the contents forever. Can you explain the use case for emptying it without asking the user?
  10. Have you looked at Font Awesome? It's really easy to add free icons to your site.
  11. It would be better to link to an external compliant service that secure personal information. For example, Squarespace Form Blocks aren't secure enough to be used for health information as defined by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  12. Can you explain what you want? On Squarespace 'Add to Cart' buttons don't send shoppers to the cart. Shoppers remain on the product page until they click the cart icon.
  13. It's not the code block that's not mobile friendly, it's the code itself. You'll want to get some responsive code from the client.
  14. I recommend you try to purchase something from your site using a mobile device, as there are issues that make it unusable for me 🙁 Text is too small to read - see the prices and captions in the first screenshot below. Some pages don't display correctly on mobile (see second screenshot). The animation that loads between pages makes pages load much more slowly. The animations (including the 3D text) are distracting and disorienting.
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