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  1. Paul, that's brilliant! Thank you very much. Not quite a drop-down box but does show exactly what we need when "sizes" is pressed. It will certainly do for the next year or so. I've been talking to squarespace off and on for a year about this, and to several associates working with them, with no result. I've actually been told it's impossible to have such a feature on a squarespace template. Thanks again for getting it done so easily with a feature already there. Brian
  2. Paul, thank you for your thoughts - the size block is what we need! We're www.fullertonshoes.co.uk and have all the sizes of each colour of a shoe under 1 product code. Is it possible to install it for us? Thank you, Brian
  3. I'm a big fan of squarespace and have been using a template site for three years to sell my beautiful Italian loafers from my business in the UK. BUT I am close to moving my site because my customers can not see if I have their size in stock as they press the buy button for a style/colour, and I don't want to. Has anyone solved the problem of showing sizes available in a box before the buy transaction? I've tried to work with several os squarespace support companies but they run a mile when I explain.
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