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  1. Also looking for a way to do this! The feature needs to be address if confirm subscription is not getting an option to be turned off. At the moment, the conversion rate of people confirming their subscription will not match that of the actual sign ups! People will see this email and many will not confirm as they have no visual association to what they just sign up from!
  2. I too am also look for a way to either turn off confirm subscription, or at least a way to make the email customised! This is the number one reason at the moment I am still using Mailchimp on not SS, I'd much rather use SS as it's more stream lined, but it needs a few more features adding! Also there needs to be a way of getting First Name and Last Name added to newsletter sign ups on cover pages, really can not see the reason why you can have this option on the website its self, but not cover pages! Makes no sense, and a fix would be great.
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