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  1. Thankyou. Seriously. I try my best to manage this website for my wife and her staff while handling most of the back end of the business, but switching vendors on literally everything the last few weeks has me pulling my hair out. My day job doesn't allow me to devote the time I would like to dig super deep into all of this and I know enough web design to be dangerous. I will do some more testing to see what we can do. I will also pass along the things you guys have pointed out to our vendor. People like you guys ROCK.
  2. Hi All, I really hope someone can help me out here as I am in a bind and cannot figure this out on my own. We have started using a new vendor for our business that has provided a scheduling widget that is insertable into squarespace using the code feature. We are having issues with our booking page when people try to schedule using the widget on mobile. When they select an option to book and hit next, something in the code on the page causes the user's screen to automatically leap to the bottom of the web page requiring users to have to scroll up on their phones to continue the process. This error can be duplicated using the mobile preview option in squarespace and loading the widget. Here is the page with the scheduler we are running into issues with https://www.superiormassagetherapy.com/scheduling Here is a video of what this issue looks like in real time. https://photos.app.goo.gl/2e2JMp4KLLPGhXgM7 I have tested this using https://htmledit.squarefree.com/ using the code provided by our vendor on a mobile device and I do not get the issue I do on squarespace. I have been on the phone with our vendor for hours and we have done testing with other sites and devices and I cannot duplicate the issue on any of them. This leads me to believe there is something on squarespace or something I am not seeing that is causing the issue. Squarespace immediately dismissed my issue so I am hoping someone on here could help me out. I very much appreciate any help you can provide! -Steve
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