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  1. @Agha_Waqas its so odd, if I try the sticky bit on a regular page (not on an index page) it works just fine? So I am so confused by that. @squarespace why is this happening?!?! https://naomichan-portfolio.squarespace.com/stickyexample
  2. @Agha_Waqas I am trying to do this exact thing with a custom code block and can't get it to work. I made this locally on my computer to test it before plopping it in but it's not working. Can you please take a look and see if what I'd doing wrong? Heres the website I'm trying to do this in the black section down where it says "Let's make your website dreams come true" I'm trying to make the text on the right stick while you scroll through the work on the left (I havent added the work yet, just trying to make the sticky work right now)
  3. I figured out a solution: If you use grid-column-start: 1; grid-column-end: 2; Instead of the short hand grid-column: 1/2; It works.
  4. Site URL: https://octahedron-khaki-7xeg.squarespace.com/services Hello! I am creating a grid inside of a code block and I am using the property: grid-column: 1/2; to tell where the items should be in the grid. I do this multiple times with different items. Squarespace is calculating the result of the fraction instead of doing what its suppose to do. If you're unfamiliar, its suppose to place said element from line 1 to line 2. For example, the first header "Basic Books" is suppose to be from column line 2 to line 3: .desktop-packages #basic { grid-column: 2/3; } Bu
  5. Site URL: https://mcad-grad-exhibit.squarespace.com Hello, I have created a website with multiple individual pages that are each using a summary block to pull in graduates by category (this website is for a college graduation exhibit). Each graduates category is their major and the season they graduated. I would like to use the individual pages as the category pages because currently the link .../[blog name]/category/[category name] is uncontrollable visually. I want to use the individual pages so that for each major it says the major at the top of the page. Also the summary block I'm
  6. I am having the same error when I try to import a Google font in my css. Did you ever find a solution or figure out why this was happening?
  7. @RyanDejaegher I figured it out! body:not(.tweak-transparent-header) .light-bold .header-nav-item--active a { background: none!important; }
  8. @tuanphan @annahahn1993 Did you guys figure out a solution to this?
  9. Site URL: https://barbari-herbal-spliffs.squarespace.com/ Hello, I am trying to change the order of my blocks in 7.1 and I know I can do the following to accomplish it: div#yui_3_17_2_1_1592592061173_386 { display: flex !important; flex-direction: column-reverse !important; } I do this in my inspector and it works. BUT I add it to my CSS, then go back to check to see if the code is coming through and its not working because the ID changes? Has anyone else experienced this before? Is it new with 7.1? It was "yui_3_17_2_1_1592591448498_393" at one point, then "yui_3_17_
  10. I'm curious if anyone has tried this in 7.1? It's not working for me and the error I'm getting is "Y is not defined"? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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