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  1. @tuanphan is definitely right on this one! Thanks so much for the compliment @Obedmoretti
  2. It worked! Yay! Thank you so so much!
  3. Hey @creedon I followed your magic table to add Greece but for some reason I get this order (FR version): Basically as you can see, "Nature" doesn't show under "biologique" and "Italie" ends up under it instead. This is the table I used: Natural Order New order Tous nos produits 1 1 Autriche 2 1 Bio dynamique 3 2 Biologique 4 2 Canada 5 1 Espagne 6 1 France 7 1 Grèce 8 1 Italie 9 1 Nature 10 2 This is the code I got by plugging in those values: I haven't tried my hand at the English version yet just because it didn't go too well with the first one LOL. Thanks 🙂
  4. Hey @Vasiliss! Thanks so much for the compliments! That is definitely the style we were going for! As for the bilingual sign in, if I remember correctly, I was told that it isn't something feasible at the moment with Squarespace. With regards to the icon, I think it will depend on what version you have, I have the 7.0 Version. I did the following steps: Design > Site styles > you can type in Header in the search field or just hover and click on the sign in button. And here is where I did the choice. I hope this helps 🙂
  5. Site URL: http://www.terroir-imports.com Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to make multiple promotional pop-ups that open on different pages? Currently I have the promotional pop-up enabled so that when a new client goes to my website it prompts the client to choose to visit the French or English site. However, I would like to add another promotional pop-up that would only appear in both of my online stores (English and French). Any idea on how to do this? Thanks 🙂 English Online store French Online Store
  6. @creedon It worked great! Thanks again 😀
  7. @creedon I am trying to add "Austria" to the English code and "Autriche" into the French code but I am having a hard time understanding how to reconcile the magic table and the code. Any insight on this? Thanks so much 🙂
  8. This is great! Thank you so much! I love learning, so the more info the better! 😄
  9. @creedon This worked perfectly! Any idea how I could integrate "Frais d'Agence" in this code? When I add the apostrophe it cuts the commande. Thanks 🙂
  10. @creedon Any idea how I could do this?
  11. Hi @creedon it is https://www.terroir-imports.com/home Thanks! 🙂
  12. @creedon Do you think you could help me out with the similar issue? I want my home site header to be transparent so that the picture in my first section continues into the header. Desired look: Current look: Thanks 🙂
  13. Hi @tuanphan I would still need help hiding the primary or secondary navigation when clients are using either the French or English version of my site. Any ideas?
  14. Hey @creedon When I add this to the CSS the french version of my text message in French disappears. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks, Michelle
  15. This works perfectly @creedon! Any chance I could underline the "Continue Shopping"/"Continuez à magasiner" part? Thank you!! 🙂
  16. Hi @tuanphan, any chance you can send me the link to the other posting so I can follow along to see if there are any solutions? Thanks 🙂
  17. This worked wonderfully! Thank you @creedon🤩
  18. Ah I see! Thanks anyway @creedon! The other code helped for the French version of "Quick view"!
  19. Site URL: https://www.terroir-imports.com Hey guys, can someone help me with the following: make the customer sign-up/login form bilingual (in other words, customize the text) add an "x" to the top right corner of the customer account window that pops up so that clients can backout of this feature if they want to without having to change the URL address? Thanks! https://www.terroir-imports.com/home
  20. Site URL: https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits Hey guys, Any chance anyone knows how to do the following : View full item: Custom code to change "view full item" to "Plus de détails" only on the french version of my website? "View full item" is underlined in red, is there any way of changing this so as to make it the same colour as the rest of the text? Thanks for your help! https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits
  21. Site URL: https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits Hi guys, I need some help with some finishing touches for my bilingual website. I seem to encounter some issues, especially when it comes to my shopping cart and checkout page. Here is a list of things I'm looking to do: Shopping cart: throughout my entire website I have chosen to hide either secondary (French) or primary navigation (English) depending on which version of my site clients use. However, when you arrive at the shopping cart, both primary and secondary navigation are displayed. Is there a way of hiding primary navigation when my clients are using the French version of my online store (https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits) and hiding secondary navigation when my clients are using my English version of my online store (https://www.terroir-imports.com/products)? Shopping cart: is there any way of changing the following: "QTY" = Case(s) | Caisse(s) "Price" = Price | Prix "Subtotal" = Subtotal | Sous-total "Checkout" = Checkout | Paiement Quick view (working link: https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits) : does anyone have a custom code to change "Quick view" to "Aperçu rapide" only on my French site? View full item: does anyone have a custom code to change "View full item" to "Plus de détails" only on my French site? Checkout page: is there anyway of modifying the preset text in the checkout page? I would want to make the headers bilingual (ex. Payment | Paiement). Store (working link: https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits/bourgogne-aligot-2018-mark-haisma) : is it possible to change the following button in my online store "Added to cart" = "Ajouter au panier" "Adding" = "Ajout en cours" "Added!" = "Ajouté!" Thanks for your help guys! @tuanphan @creedon
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