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  1. @christyprice - We're using the PACIFIC theme. I set the site up as password protected, but I'm not sure it's working. The site is NicoleJacksonMiller.com and the password is: Lookatme! The page we're having trouble with is the "Contact" page and another that is hidden from the navigation. I'd assume if we can solve the contact page issue I can just apply it to other pages as well.
  2. I needed to change the color of the navigation bar on two separate pages -- the presets for our site are white which blend in with the background of these pages. The code I am using in the code injection is: <style> #headerNav nav a { color: #2A2D3C; }</style> The problem is that it's only changing the color of the links on the left side of the logo -- there are two navigation links on the right but those are not adjusting. Is there more code that I need to add? Help! 🙂
  3. Hey @tuanphan - the page isn't live yet... so I'm assuming that I can't share that with you. Anything I could try? I'm also having the same problem on a "Work With Me" page. I cannot figure out how to remove the extra space.
  4. We are using the pacific theme and I've created a contact page using one of the templates. I would like to lessen the space between the logo and the text below and cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it? Any thoughts?
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