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  1. *The site is now at www.odfchurch.org, no password.* Yes, @tuanphan, without the code the 7th one shows up as it should. Looks like the issue is within this section here, but I can't see why. Any thoughts? // Instagram feed full width // [data-section-id="5f29899f4cbd4c3a7fb4d0c7"] .content-wrapper { padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right: 0 !important; max-width: 100%; padding-bottom: 0 !important; }
  2. Site URL: https://carrot-cricket-zj9b.squarespace.com/ Hi, this is for https://carrot-cricket-zj9b.squarespace.com/ with the temp pass: LazarusODF I made some adjustments to the code to remove all the space between and on either side of the feed, and add an overlay with the on-brand colour. It is set to show 7 posts on a single line. However, the 7th block remains white with no overlay, and even if I change the number of posts displayed to 14, it just shows two lines and for BOTH lines, the 7th post is white with no overlay showing. It's almost as if the section is no longer full width but just fully aligned right with the perfect size for a single post left as margin on the right... Any ideas? I adjusted the instagram feed with the following code: // Instagram feed overlay // div#block-f8ada25bd4d266a04a60 .margin-wrapper { position: relative; } div#block-f8ada25bd4d266a04a60 .margin-wrapper a:before { position: absolute; content: ""; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); left: 0; right: 0; top: 0; bottom: 0; z-index: 100; display: block; } div#block-f8ada25bd4d266a04a60 .margin-wrapper a:hover:before { opacity: 0; } // Instagram feed full width // [data-section-id="5f29899f4cbd4c3a7fb4d0c7"] .content-wrapper { padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right: 0 !important; max-width: 100%; padding-bottom: 0 !important; } div#block-f8ada25bd4d266a04a60 { padding-bottom: 0; }
  3. If you did want to stick with doing it via code, here's how. I found the image block way had some issues with the transparency, so this is an alternative (you just wrap the URL ref around the image; that way it applies whether you're hovering or not): <a href="URL FOR CLICKTHROUGH"> <img src="BACKGROUND IMAGE UPLOAD LINK" onmouseover="BACKGROUND IMAGE UPLOAD LINK'" onmouseout="HOVER IMAGE UPLOAD LINK'"> </a>
  4. @tuanphan Do you happen to have any insight on this?
  5. Site URL: https://ourresolutehope.com/stunned-by-grace-book Can I 301 redirect a page that never existed to one that does? Material got sent out directing people to /books/stunned-by-grace but there is no /books. It should be /stunned-by-grace-book. Can someone tell me why and/or suggest a way to direct people following that first link to the correct page? 1st solution (doesn't work): URL Mapping /books/stunned-by-grace -> /stunned-by-grace-book 301 2nd solution (doesn't work): I tried creating a folder called "books" and putting a page called /stunned-by-grace there as a subpage but SS doesn't seem to use folders that way in the URL.
  6. @barrysutton Ok I figured out how to do what I needed in CSS, if this is helpful for you. The styles within the blog post itself inherit the styles from the rest of the site (h1, h2, etc) but these were the ones that were doing their own thing on my site. Hope it helps! /*blog post page styles*/ .BlogItem-title { font-family: Lora; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; font-size: 60px; letter-spacing: .015em; line-height: 1em; text-transform: none; color: #1f183f; } .BlogItem-meta { line-height: 1em; } h3.comment-count { font-size: 36px; }
  7. Hi @tuanphan! I'm trying to get this sorted as well. Would you share an example of how to do this? I'm building a site on Basil template (brine) and it's got all kinds of wonky styles. I can adjust sizing and stuff, but I'm not sure how to target all the blog post pages. (for reference, the site is ourresolutehope.squarespace.com, and the pass to view is ORH123go!.
  8. Also looking for how to do this (sorry to not be responding with a helpful reply!)... Did you find a solution? The solution above doesn't work. The script would go in the Advanced section of your page settings. Perhaps it works for certain template families, but not on Brine (Basil specifically).
  9. I'm looking for the same kind of solution, but that code does not work for me at all. I am using the Miller template, the site is www.johnlynchspeaks.com. I tried the above code and it doesn't do anything. The code I've been using is as follows but it has some issues: <script> window.onload = function() {document.getElementsByClassName('Header-branding-logo')[0].src = 'https://static.wixstatic.com/media/2279fb_db1043088564425bb18696d17a327498~mv2.png/v1/fill/w_343,h_134/JLS-logo-light.png'; }; </script> The problem I have is that this code doesn't "trigger" for some reason unless you refresh the page—so the light logo shows up on the homepage when you first visit the site, but on the other pages where the dark logo is supposed to show up, it doesn't unless you refresh the page. And the same thing happens if you first visit the site from a subpage—the correct dark logo shows up, but then if you navigate to the home page, the dark one shows there as well until you refresh the page. Anyone have a fix?
  10. @tuanphan I've attached the result on the Why We Do This page... this enlarges the text but not the actual poster block image, so the white words just cover up the text and space surrounding it. I'm also hoping for a solution that doesn't require an extra line of code EVERY time one of the bloggers publishes a block post with a poster block in it. Do bloggers just not use poster blocks with text in them...? Not sure how people are expected to read very tiny text on their phones.
  11. Site is still private but if you go to "https://orghealthcoach.squarespace.com/" and enter "quickpass" it'll let you in. I'm using poster blocks in the blog posts as well as on About > Why We Do This. Thanks much!
  12. I'm wondering how to make the text in the poster blocks show up as a larger font on mobile. I want to use images with text throughout the blog posts on this site, so if there's just an easier/better way to do this than using a Poster, I'm all ears. I just want people to be able to read the text when on mobile well, as currently on desktop it's fine, but on mobile incredibly tiny.
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