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  1. Ok -- glad you solved this on your own. I didn't see any response to your question so thought I'd offer my 2 cents :-)
  2. If I understand you correctly, you can probably just add a form on a dedicated page, something similar to our request for an appointment — but yours could simply be a request to attend an event. You then have the option of emailing yourself — or inserting it into a Google Docs spreadsheet, which will keep track of all your registrants. See example form here: http://www.favoritefeetmassage.com/book-now/ You will need the business edition I believe in order to take advantage of these forms. Or, you can always code your own forms in plain HTML. Will this help your situation?
  3. Question on syntax. You show two colons before the word "after" -- why two? Or should it be one? Just curious if this correct and if so, why. That said, I'll try this too. It's the exact kind of solution I was also looking for (adding the word menu just to clarify what that symbol is, since many people may have no idea and will keep looking for a navigation bar). Thanks!
  4. There are some good suggestions in here -- however all of them are clumsy work-arounds at best (I realize something is better than nothing, though). The ability to modify, test, and publish is so fundamental to web development, it's hard to understand how this is missing. Also, renaming URLs can wreak havoc with page ranking and inbound links -- so that's not really a best practice. Having to copy all the content to a shadow page is also excessive work -- since there isn't a clone button yet either. When you go into edit mode, Squarespace should allow you to edit a shadow copy for testing.
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