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  1. Hello again, Sorry but I just realise that this code actually messed up all my other gallerirs in my website : / Anyway to have this code only affect this gallery and thats it ? Thanks !
  2. Looks like its working ! You guys are fantastic !
  3. Hey Tuanphan ! Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it. https://octagon-garlic-ejcr.squarespace.com/ Password : sonatine
  4. Hi there, I have an issue with the spacing between the thumbnails of my gallery Is there a way for me to have the exact same spacing like seen on the picture ? Thanks a bunch !
  5. It works perfectly thanks, just one thing though, I wanted the "about" link to be also on the right side. 😛
  6. @tuanphan It worked ! But I need to push even further away. What part of the code should I switch to find the right "distance" ? Thanks a bunch and here's a pic of the result :
  7. Hey @tuanphan, thanks for the reply, I found a way but it really is not the proper way, I simply created 15 dozen empty pages to push them away haha If you have a proper code that would make it, Id love that. Also I had an optional question, how is it possible to make a hover effect on a whole gallery block ? But I might post this question in a different topic. Thanks !
  8. Thanks for the help ! Thats a screenshot just in case somebody would know the trick. Social icons should be on the right size, not attached to the main links.
  9. It actually worked ! Thanks but now how can I change its position further on the right ? Thanks for the help !
  10. Hello friends, I'm using the Wexley template and of course now I realise I can't add Instagram and social medial button on the main navigation (upper right) I've posted a capture of the area I would like the buttons to appear. Thanks for any help, it's driving me nuts. : / Cheers !
  11. Thats it ! Thank you so much Mylene ! 🙂 Have a great day.
  12. Hello Friends, I'm having issues trying to resize my videos blocks and make them bigger. Normally from what I understood I should add some spacer on each size and then be able to adjust the size of the video. Problem is I can't seem to add anything on the page except on the bottom of the page for this example. Any ideas ? Thanks !
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