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  1. Hi, Super frustrated here. I have watched all the tutorial videos about loading images and I have not seen anything about this particular issue. I have my website to be my art online gallery. I load my pictures into the template and they are cutting the sides of my pictures off in the majority of my pieces. I cannot figure out why. Sure the site has the crop feature which I messed around with, but I am not trying to crop them, I am trying to remove these crops the site has placed on my pictures. I've tried every single format, 1:1, 4:3, etc, they all just crop my work. I have attached a screen shot so you know exactly what I am dealing with here. This really sucks, and I NEED to be able to show the whole piece not these auto cropped images. All my PNGs are max 1500 pixels which I read they should be at for good loading. Anyone have an idea here?
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