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  1. Thanks so much. Frustrating, but at least now I understand. So – basically the smallest width of a spacer is 1 column width... correct?
  2. Thanks for this screen shot SM... but I have never seen any of these options. I don't know where they exist.
  3. I honestly have no idea. I searched the basic templates at first, picked one that looked somewhat close to what I needed, and proceeded to add all of my graphics and text.
  4. Hello again from a first-time Squarespace user. As far as I can tell, there are really only TWO font styles that are available on any given website — Headings and Paragraph. The variations of these (Paragraph Small, Paragraph Medium, etc) are really only different sizes of the Main Style for Paragraph. This seems very limiting. I understand wanting to help the user keep things from looking chaotic, but I was hoping that each Style (small, medium, large, etc) would allow for italic, bold, different line spacing (very important!!) for each style. So, I was hoping for 4 paragraph style sheets, and 4 Headings style sheets. Line spacing for a title under someones name needs to be different than line spacing for a main paragraph of body copy. Any help would be greatly appreciated — thanks!
  5. Thanks for the quick response. I don't see where "> site styles > stye editor" is located. I am still working in "trial mode"... I wonder if this is part of the issue??
  6. First-time Squarespace user here. I am using Spacers to adjust where picture and text boxes are located. In many cases I cannot get these spacers to small enough. The smallest width is actually quite large (not sure how many pixels, but appears approx .75 inches on the screen). Is there any way in Settings (or elsewhere) to adjust the smallest size a Spacer can be?? Thanks!
  7. My home page image is a photo that has a logo and type overplayed on top. The logo and type are pure white. When I import this image into Squarespace, the logo and type appear light gray. I've tried saving the image as a JPG and PNG – same result. Any ideas?
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