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  1. Seems to be correct I just tried it?
  2. Hi, I have big text across the middle of the intro with wide letter spacing. On the desktop it displays correctly but on the mobile the spacing is reduced. I have attached screen grabs. Can anyone help?? www.thevibemovement.co.uk p/w-mysite100 This is using Miller Thank you in advance!! Mike Desktop (correct): Mobile (too close):
  3. Ace thank you so much!
  4. Is it ok to put rgb(22, 138, 134) as the colour in coding or should it be or should it be the hsl or the hashtag number or does it not matter?
  5. I put rgb(22, 138, 134) instead of the colour and it works perfectly. Brilliant! You're an angel thank you!!
  6. Can anyone help with the CSS needed to change the font colour in the quote block of the Miller template please? I have had a hunt around but nothing that deals with the text colour. https://www.vibeyogaandpilates.co.uk/pilates P/W mysite100 Thank you in advance!! 🙏🏻
  7. Great I found a solution in there. Not quite perfect but it's helping! Thank you!!! 👍
  8. Hi, can anyone help me with displaying the tagline on the mobile version of my site please? www.vibeyogaandpilates.co.uk P/W mysite100 Thanks in advance Mike
  9. Ah yes sorry I didn't say. Password is 'mysite100'
  10. Hi, How do make my buttons the same size regardless of the text on the label please? The site is: https://blueberry-chicory-py3n.squarespace.com its not live yet. Password is 'mysite100' Thanks in advance!
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