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  1. Thanks for your reply! The video embeds in question are set to autoplay, which functions fine on Shibori (my live site is currently Shibori, where the videos can be seen autoplaying as expected), but appears broken on gallery pages on Wexley, as shown in the screenshot above where the video displays white with a slash.
  2. Site URL: https://piccadilley.com I'm currently using Shibori and I have embedded Vimeo videos that autoplay and autoloop featured in my gallery pages. I am interested in switching to Wexley as I prefer the mosaic gallery alignment that allows grid media to display in neat horizontal lines. In Preview Mode for Wexley, my embedded Vimeo videos don't display as they do in Shibori's gallery page and appear broken, though they do appear in the lightbox. Does Wexley not support embedded video displaying in gallery page grid view? I would prefer not to use GIF thumbnails as the loss in quality is so drastic.
  3. Thank you so much, Colin! Tried the CSS but it didn't produce a result on the site.
  4. Thank you, Bryant! For Pages that would definitely work, but I'm looking to add to either Galleries or implement the change using Site Styles, I haven't seen a way to add a Line using the cms tool in those areas. Do you know if that's possible?
  5. Is it possible to add a Line below Gallery images on Flatiron? I would like to add a Line between the Gallery and the Index Grid that displays below to visually separate the two. Is there custom CSS or HTML that would accomplish this goal? You can see a sample page here: https://www.piccadilley.com/#/environmental-portraits/
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