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  1. Hi there, I'm adding Latex equations to my blog posts using MathJax. It kinda works. I noticed that if I click "edit" and access the "edit post" window to make a change (eg update a tag) the post's text will be stripped of most of braces. For example \frac{num}{den} becomes \frac. This breaks my posts and forces me to painstakingly check each of them for errors every time I need to make an edit. Note that this problem exist even if you are not using Latex... all it takes is to have a work inside braces in a text block. Interestingly I have no problems if I edit the post by clicking the post's name -- without opening the "edit post" window. I believe that the issue is due to JSON-T trying to render the text as if it were code. Is there a way to escape the curly brackets or disable JSON-T render?
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