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  1. I'd like one of the multi-word page titles in my nav bar to stack one word on top of the other so it does not take up so much horizontal room on the bar. I am using Avenue template. The site as it currently stands can be found here: https://www.amberdkempthorn.com/ I'd like "Older Work" to be aligned so that "work" displays under "older." I may add additional pages in the future that I'd also like to apply this feature to. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. @tuanphan lifesaver! you're right. I didn't read well. THANK YOU
  3. @tuanphan thank you for all your help. Unfortunately, the title and nav bar are still overlapping. I've updated the css you sent.
  4. @tuanphan thanks! it isn't published yet. is that okay? I've also included two screenshots one at full screen and one how it is presenting at a smaller window. https://magenta-decagon-4exg.squarespace.com password: password
  5. I am working in Avenue and have made my site-title and navigation bar fixed. As the template is set, the site-title is left justified, and the navigation bar is right justified. I would like to move the navigation bar closer to the title, so that there is not a large gap. I have added the following in order to do this, however, now when the window size is reduced, the navigation bar overlaps the site-title. Any ideas on how to fix this? #topNav nav { float: left !important; margin-top:0px} #header nav {position: relative; bottom:0px; left: -150px;} #header { position:fixed; z-index: 1; background-color: white; padding-top: 30px; width: 90%; padding-bottom: 0px; }
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