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  1. I don't have an answer for you on the squarespace platform, but i can tell you that your example is not built on Squarespace. It looks like a custom site built using Bootstrap. What you are trying to do sounds like it could be done in Bandzoogle because bandzoogle has players that for each track in the player you can purchase an individual download, or you can purchase the entire album. So it would be fairly easy to make something like this happen there (because you could add each element - lyris, album credits, videos, player with option to purchase inidividual tracks or the whole album, et
  2. hey @grantfondacomposer did you figure out some way of having a multi-track player? Im so bummed that squarespace seems to have dropped the ball on this very simple functionality.
  3. Hi there, Ive been building websites for bands in Bandzoogle but I have someone needing some audio added to their Squarespace site that another designer made for them. TBH I kinda hate the builder and support at Bandzoogle but I'm feeling REAL let down by the squarespace audio options. Like, I get to add a single track!? or I have to create a whole page dedicated to an album? Um, no. Is squarespace completely clueless as to what musicians need or what? At any rate. Is there any kind of CSS option for a multi-track player that I don't have to make my musician bump up to a business plan to
  4. @tuanphan I just searched through my custom CSS and did not see 121 anywhere! I also got rid of all extraneous code from previous solutions. Then I checked in the site styles but did not see any padding set to 121, or really any padding adjustable on the top of the body or bottom of header.
  5. @tuanphan okay, so this is working great on the gallery pages now, but on the other pages there is a large white space between the header and the body. Any ideas? https://www.somethingcoolcreative.com/photography-services
  6. ah wait! I just remembered I had added that padding - removing it now!
  7. now it is sticky but on the portfolio pages it has a big white space above the header https://www.somethingcoolcreative.com/restaurant-food-photography
  8. it still doesnt work. I left it up so you can see what it does.
  9. unfortunately that code does not work for making the header sticky as it still slides up about halfway when scrolling. Here's all the code I am using to get the header to be sticky and full width. If any elements are missing it doesn't behave quite how I want it to: /*make header sticky*/ #siteHeader { opacity: 1 !important; -webkit-transform: none !important; -moz-transform: none !important; -ms-transform: none !important; -o-transform: none !important; transform: none !important; -webkit-transition: all 650ms 0ms ease, opacity 300ms 50ms ease; -
  10. Hi there! Website and one of affected pages is: https://www.somethingcoolcreative.com/promo-photos I made my header sticky, so I needed to add padding to the page in order to push the top images down so they weren't being partly covered up by the header. However, I am not sure how to make the padding responsive. Pixels are not responsive, and I tried vh and using a % but in all cases, the padding above the first images changes in relation to the header, so sometimes it is just a few pixels and sometimes it is like 3x as thick as the rest of the white padding around each image. H
  11. Hi! I'm looking to add header text to gallery pages in Camino. I cannot just create a blank page and add text and a gallery, as I have a mix of vertical and horizontal images, and regular galleries in Camino only allow all of the images to be the same dimensions, and crops them to do that. I can't have that because I am a photographer. I also like how Camino displays galleries on gallery pages, it works great for photography! However, I REALLY want to add a header to each of my gallery pages, since its pretty important for SEO purposes according to Ubersuggest. Would love a
  12. @tuanphan it actually seems to have resolved itself!
  13. So this mostly works, but it pops down and then slides partly up as the page is scrolled. So ive been messing around with the code for a bit and haven't figured out how to make it actually stick completely. Any ideas?
  14. Hi, I am wondering how to make the banner height smaller in Mojave on mobile - its really big and I got the text to be smaller but the image is so big that the whole layout is now weird. So I think I need to make the banner image shorter so everything fits right. Site is https://www.birthstrikeforfuture.com/
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