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  1. @tuanphan I have tried so many things but even when I scale the block to 50% it does not scale down to that %, it seems to remain bigger. Hopefully you have an idea how to do this.
  2. This is 1 of the 2 product pages: https://electriclifestyle.eu/nl/producten As you will see is the quick pick section a gallery block which will scale nicely on mobile view. But all products are code blocks and those I cannot get to scale in the same way.
  3. Hi all, Looking for some help. I have a Squarespace website (https://electriclifestyle.eu) that uses Ecwid for the integration of products. For this the code blocks are used. This works great, but on mobile it automatically stacks the blocks vertically. This means only having 1 code block visible on the mobile screen. I would like to have 2 code blocks next to each other so in fact 4 blocks would be visible on a regular mobile screen. I see that when using the gallery it can work, for example I did this with the "quick pick" option on the site. But with code blocks I have no idea how to d
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