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  1. Thanks tuanphan I gave it a go but unfortunately it replaced everything with that one font. I'm using 3 fonts in the site, is there some CSS to target any font that's not assigned p, H1, H2, H3, H4?
  2. Site URL: https://www.mela.co.nz Is there a way to universally override Squarespace's default fonts in a Brine template? I've created my first Squarespace site using my client's custom webfonts, loaded via the CSS panel. Once loaded, I've assigned these to p, H1, H2, H3, H4 in the CSS panel. But when browsing the site I still see Squarespace's default fonts here & there - like on mobile when I do a search, or when a page is not found. It's getting ridiculous adding CSS snippets to target every individual instance of the wrong (default) font. Can I assign my own overriding default font?
  3. https://www.mela.co.nz/ Thanks for looking! — this is my first Squarespace site. On this site I created a footer link, "We Give a Damn" that goes to a page inside an Index (under Secondary Navigation). At first I used the inbuilt link browser to allocate the slug to that page, "/giving-a-damn" was the slug. But when linked to, that page did not display normally -- the banner background was cropped, and it displayed as a single page rather than scrolling in context with the other pages under that Index. So I dug deep into Squarespace help and found another way to link to a page using a hashtag instead of a slash, "#giving-a-damn" is my current slug. The only problem with this is it will only work from the footer under that Index. It doesn't link from the footers of other pages or Indexes in the site. I'm happy to show the back end of this with you if you give me an email address to allow permission.
  4. Solved: When you create the link, copy the slug with a hashtag in front (not a forward slash). Ie: #we-give-a-damn Damn Squarespace 7 hours later! -- this should have been easier -- it's a basic function and is buried!!
  5. Thanks for looking! I'm a designer. It's my first go using Squarespace & the Brine template. I have a page within an Index with a background banner image (just a slab of black in this case). When I create a link to that page in the Footer Navigation the background banner no longer sits behind the whole page. Annoyingly it is contained within a strip across the top of the page, and the site-wide colour is the rest. (I've noticed this is the case for any page pulled from an Index that contains a full bleed banner image.) How do I keep the banner background image behind the whole page? I've used a little CSS to customise fonts, spacing, make the header sticky — nothing too tricky. When I delete all my CSS the problem still remains. https://mela-draft.squarespace.com/config/pages I've attached screen captures of the intended look (all-over black background) and the way it looks with just a strip at the top & the site-wide colour background (cream).
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