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  1. @tuanphan I added a tag "inhold" to this product https://www.matthewrachmangallery.com/seating/lawrence-peabody-mid-century-modern-dining-chairs-for-richardson-nemschoff?rq=LAWRENCE%20PEABODY%20FOR%20RICHARDSON%20NEMSCHOFF%20CHAIRS If not possible by TAG, maybe with a certain text in product description?
  2. @tuanphan this is the site https://www.matthewrachmangallery.com Here is a sample of an item where we put the SOLD medallion https://www.matthewrachmangallery.com/cowhides/18?rq=TRICOLOR%20GENUINE%20BRAZILIAN%20COWHIDE
  3. For products with status sold out, we added this SOLD medallion at the top right side of the product image (like this one https://www.matthewrachmangallery.com/cowhides/18?rq=TRICOLOR%20GENUINE%20BRAZILIAN%20COWHIDE) Check here --> https://prnt.sc/pbu6se We want to add a new status called IN HOLD, however, we could not find an option to add this in the system, we were thinking if it is possible to add in IN HOLD medallion based on the tag or category of an item, for example, if we put "inhold" tag to a certain item then the SOL medallion should be displayed. Is this possible? if yes, could you point us how to achieve this based on tag or category? If not, what would you suggest?
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