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Joe Barefoot

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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work! I don't understand why as your CSS seems to make perfect sense. I have read about media queries before but never used one. I assume Squarespace already uses this sort of thing out of the box? Is it possible something could be conflicting with this code? I have had to use '!important' before to override stubborn Squarespace code. I tried this sort of thing to get around stubborn code: @media screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { #block-8253851efba5ab80d69a img { float: left; width: 100px !important; }}
  2. I'm wondering if anybody knows a way to control the size of images in an Image Block when displayed on mobile devices. To be specific, the images are (on large browsers) small mugshots of members of our team. They're inserted on the page one after another and on mobile devices they are scaled to the width of the screen. I'm hoping to make them a bit smaller than this as on iPads and other tablets they become rather intimidating. Here's the page in question if it's useful: http://www.superhet.net/about/ Thanks
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