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  1. I don't disagree with you. Squarespace 6 is trying to streamline each file upload type to be more natural, but in the end you need a guidebook just to find out where to upload everything. Squarespace 5 was folder based which was not as 'cool' but definitely more usable. I consider this method a hack until Squarespace 6 gets updated with a more useful file upload system. I think they can have various 'upload points' but it should all be easy. Folders work well, and we use them for a reason.
  2. I contacted Squarespace Support and they provided a helpful answer, which I expanded open by organizing my scripts onto a single page: Add a new page called 'JavaScript Files' [optional] Go to Page Settings and Disable the page [optional] Add a Text Block Add some text, preferably the name of your JavaScript file, like Sample JavaScript Select the ‘Sample JavaScript’ text and make it into a Link Click Files on the Link menu Click in the white space and select the file from your hard drive (or drag it onto the space from your hard drive) - I’ll use javascriptfile.js for this example Click i
  3. I have a few JavaScript files that I need to upload (such as jQuery Waypoints - among others). Where do these get uploaded?
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