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  1. @tuanphan Hi, I know you've been helping me with the logo on the top as well. I hope this isn't asking too much from you. While the spacers reduce the size of a logo in an image box, it only works on a desktop, which is why I would prefer to change the code. Here's the Link
  2. @tuanphan This worked great for adding in the logo. Is it possible to have them next to each with the name to the right of the logo, though? When stacked it makes the header taller and reduces the size of images in a gallery. Thank you so much for all this help!
  3. Similarly to the logo on the coming soon cover page, is there a way to add it to the footer as well? Just a small centered logo below a rights reserved bit of text? Edit: I did it with spacers, but is there a better way?
  4. @tuanphan I currently have the title up. Link -Sorry for responding here, it isn't giving me a reply option to your last response.
  5. So in this I've shown the menu where I can input the title and logo. Although only one can be seen at once, so when there is a logo the title is replaced. You can only have one at a time and I was hoping to have both.
  6. This is a test page on my site with the logo option currently showing. Test Page @tuanphan
  7. Is it possible to make custom CSS to show the logo before the title in the top left of the Forte template? If so would anyone know how to do so?
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