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  1. As the owner, I want my Squarespace settings to be registered to my personal email address. I just want the NEW ORDER emails to go through to my business email address (as well as my personal). If I change the email in my settings to be my business email, wouldn't that mean I would not receive any more emails—whether they be customer notification emails or seperate Squarespace admin emails—to my personal address? This just seems fraught with danger and as an owner of a website, I should be able to nominate the address in which those notification emails go to. Which is what I thought the section from the last screen shot was for?
  2. Thanks @Paul2009 . I'll check spam but failing that, can you be more specific as to where I would check my email address within the settings of Squarespace? I'm not sure where I should be looking
  3. I am having issues with receiving customer notification emails to my desired email address (hello@karastone.com.au). When an order is placed, the "new order" emails aren't coming through to this address. I think it might be because I'm not using the default no-reply email address for "from email". However when I went to change this, it won't actually let me save the address "no-reply@squarespace.com" instead of "hello@karastone.com.au". Does anyone know why that is? Also, if anyone has any other ideas about why I might not be receiving emails to this address I'm all ears. For reference, the admins on the account are all receiving the "new order" emails - they're just not coming through to the "hello@karastone.com.au" address. See screenshot here: https://screencast.com/t/IoXupVH9
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