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  1. You just need to assign the font to the right element. The font family assignment is on the 'a' not the '#siteTitle' wrapper. #siteTitle a {}
  2. That site is using Pacific. http://squarespace.com/templates/?q=pacific
  3. There are no member accounts with Squarespace Commerce at this point. So, an integration with a CRM doesn't make a lot of sense.
  4. @JerseyGuy yes there is, with the Style Editor open, just click on the page description. When you are showing the Page Title / Description in the banner, the font adjustment is labeled 'Site Tagline'
  5. No @JerseyGuy - when I say a "system wide setting," I mean all sites on all templates in Squarespace have a Page Title limit of 100 characters. In FIVE, if you want more text in the banner, use a Page Title and a Page Description...you can display both.
  6. The Page Title limit is not template specific - it is a system wide setting. All Squarespace sites have a Page Title limit of 100 characters. There is no workaround. IMHO I wouldn't consider it arbitrary... shouldn't a good title be short and concise?
  7. @mattmatthew you should be using a Code Block, it's surprisingly simple once you get used to the scripts being blocked while logged in ... here is a quick tutorial I recorded with your script. Works exactly as intended: http://quick.as/AYwsDP7P
  8. Use the Code Block, that should work just fine. However, you'll need to be logged out to see it work ... most JavaScript is blocked while you are logged into the administration.
  9. Use an Action Button on your Cover Page and link in to your app in the app store.
  10. Use an Embed Block with a manually set embed code. Like this: http://quick.as/0AbCrYBD
  11. You can also just let IE not have this feature.
  12. You could forgo the whole Markdown Block and just link up the text you already have, no?
  13. Consider providing a link to your site so people in the community can help.
  14. @tryingtobehelpful FYI: since #content is inside #page it's not necessary to include it as well. It could also cause unintended side effects when a sidebar is enabled within a blog collection.
  15. @palosanto markup can vary from template to template. CSS code snippets are not interchangeable. Ask a new question if you'd like some help with Shift.
  16. @Carlos Anon and @ablaze rather than use a code block like this on every post (yuk) just use the code in my answer instead. It'll save you a lot of trouble.
  17. You can hide the Page Body Header on the item view globally, across all blogs with this simple code snippet added to the Custom CSS Editor: .view-item #page-body-header { display: none; }
  18. Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection and scroll to the bottom text field. This is for the Order Confirmation page. Use your AdWords script here.
  19. Open the Style Editor, find the 'Header' category and look for 'Banner Content' - change it to 'Empty', click Save.
  20. @sillyauntie are you viewing a page that is within a folder? If not, you will not see this option as it would not pertain to the page you are viewing.
  21. This is not a feature of Markdown, so all you can really do in this case is use regular HTML <a href="http://example.com/" target="_blank">Hello, world!</a>
  22. @David1234567 the social link markup has changed. The CSS in this answer will no longer change the color. If you'd like assistance, ask a new question and be sure to post a link to your site.
  23. @JonathanGennick Thank you for participating in Answers. I know you'll be able to help a lot of people with your knowledge of CSS. But, please don't try to 'bait' people into buying your book. If you want to help, answer the question with a custom CSS snippet like I have done on this thread.
  24. Wrapping your CSS in a media query should do the trick. Use something like this instead: @media screen and (min-width: 768px) { #collection-53fceadfe4b0b801964b0e66 [data-dynamic-href="/afghanistan/"] .gallery { margin: 52px 135px 50px 475px; } } The media query basically says "When the viewport is larger than 768 pixels, change these margins in the gallery on this page."
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