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  1. oh so simple! thanks so very much. it's the little things that I get hung up on.
  2. Hi. I am using the Aviator template, and it allows for styling all three headings (h1, h2, h3) as different fonts and sizes, however, it will only allow for all three to be the same color. Does anyone know how to override this, so that I can have one heading be a different color than the other heading styles? Thanks!! :)
  3. Would you mind telling me where you found this script? I want to see if I can find the glitch that is making it lag so long. Thanks for the suggestion above though!
  4. Ok, well, I suppose I'll try it on a few different machines to see if it still does it. I've tried it several more times now, and there's still a very long delay after you submit, before the redirect page opens. hmmmm....
  5. Thanks! I inserted it just as you said, and it works.... sort of. When I fill out the form, it still takes me immediately to the same thank you message, but it'll simultaneously try and slowly load the linked page (which is my blog page.) You can actually watch the little 'loading page' wheel on the website tab in the browser (I'm using Chrome) - it spins and skips a few times (it looks kind of glitchy) and then after about 15 seconds of that, it loads the page. I've tested it about 4 times and it's doing the same thing each time. All the rest of the pages are loading just fine, without he
  6. Is there a way to automatically redirect my visitors to a different page in my site after they have filled out and submitted a form? I don’t want the page to go to the generic ‘Thank you’ message, but instead automatically go to a different page. Any thoughts?
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