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  1. Hi for www.radtalkwithtracey.com I am the designer who built her website, so all of her scheduling e-mail notifications go to my e-mail, and there doesn't seem to be anywhere in the squarespace scheduling dashboard to change the e-mail notifications - how do I swap this out?
  2. Site URL: https://www.etlicsw.com/ Hello I am trying to modify the color of the comment box on a client's website. Currently the comment box background color is white- is there anyway to change this to a different color (wanting it to be green like the background). Is there a CSS code I could use as I don't see it in the built in. Thanks!
  3. that worked! but is there any way not to invert it and make a different color instead?
  4. Site URL: https://www.radtalkwithtracey.com/ password for the site is: rad On the blog pages I want the background white- but I lose the white logo- is there a way to make the logo a different color against white pages or add in a section above the blog post that is a different color so I don't loose the white logo? I tried an invert code but it didn't work and I don't necessarily want it black - any ideas? Would it be possibleto make it one of the colors of the site #495A58 which is the file that I have uploaded which is the logo in that color (called 1.png in custom css)
  5. Thanks for checking this out @tuanphan I haven't optimized for mobile yet - just getting desktop down- I will adjust the widths!
  6. Hey @bangank36one more I couldn't figure it out - this is the summary block for blogs- I tried .sqs-summary-block-title and it didn't work. Thanks!
  7. @tuanphan that worked on www.profitmeetsimpact.com and I just swapped it! On my other clients site we are having the same problem on her blog pages: https://www.radtalkwithtracey.com/blog the password to get in is 'rad' I tried the code on this site on the blog pages and it didn't work even though we also have a white logo - any ideas? Would it be possible not just to make it an inversion aka black but one of the colors of the site #495A58 or perhaps the file that I have uploaded which is the logo in that color (called 1.png in custom css) Thanks @tuanphan
  8. Amazing that worked! Can confirm for me which is which if I need to break it out? .system button is the form buttons? .block form worked for both the newsletter and contact? .header action is the header button?
  9. Site URL: https://www.moontimetemple.com/ I have all custom fonts on my website - and I am having some trouble adjusting a few tricky ones including: -The upper right hand get started button -The newsletter sign up text -The contact/form sign up text Screenshots attached What is the code to adjust these to? The custom font I want them I have named Lito
  10. I made the blog posts grey for now because when I made them white I lost the white logo- I want to keep the color of the blog post background white while keeping a white transparent logo- is that possible to not loose the logo?
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