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  1. @tuanphan thank you so much I so appreciate you! Glad your computer is back up and running
  2. Site URL: https://www.aniwa.co/aniwa-digital-events-calendar The event title names auto go to H1 with an underline in white. I want to change them to a color, but when I go to edit it would just have me edit all H1 headlines on the whole site, which I don't want to do. What is the CSS code for changing just the event title color? I also want it to be larger.
  3. sorry @tuanphan putting the finishing touches on it so the name changed- https://www.thehappyplaceschool.com/payment123/forest-pre-k-tuition-payment no not resolved yet
  4. When I put in that code I get a syntax error @tuanphan
  5. Yes but right above the add to cart button, not below @tuanphan
  6. https://www.thehappyplaceschool.com/payment123/forest-pre-k-tuition-monthly-payment @tuanphan THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  7. Thank you! I put this there but it did not change the word quantity to month!
  8. https://www.thehappyplaceschool.com/make-a-payment or https://www.thehappyplaceschool.com/payment123/forest-pre-k-tuition-monthly-payment @tuanphan
  9. https://www.thehappyplaceschool.com/make-a-payment @tuanphan
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