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  1. I'm not able to edit the original post. if you prefer to use only few or one typekit fonts - then keep the injected script in header and remove in "external api keys" (or the opposite). but remember that each time you touch the design style panel when you use the injected css without "external api keys" - it will reset and load the junk fonts again. (anyway don't load two typekit loader in the same time. keep in "external api keys" for the buildin javascript version that squarespace use, or the new css way that adobe recommend).
  2. Yes, squarepace load too many fonts by default. I was able to remove all webfonts from squarespace and i'm using only safe-fonts now. There are few parts for the tricks and some glitches and bugs in squarespace that I learn in the way (using 7.0) so by using this method you wont download any webfont and squarespace junk, First of all, you you will need a Typekit account (adobe fonts). Use fonts from the typekit site by putting your typekit ID in “external api keys” and change all the group of fonts you able to find in each squarespace page as blog\products\album etc to fonts that you load from the adobe site only (typekit and not the one that embedded in squarespace) ... later you can add inject script of the css for the typekit as described in adobe site in the header for speed gain (and the trick). In december 2020 its <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.typekit.net/xxxxxx.css"> just change xxxxxx to your typekit name. first of all using typekit only fonts already remove lot of fonts that squarespace load by default (for some site in 7.0 it could be more than ten). later on, while still using typekit in "external api keys" page in settings - go and change all the fonts to a safe font that you like (ariel, etc...) or if you already ok with using one or more fonts only from adobe typekit site than its ok. Now you can keep only the injected code that load the css typekit and remove the “external api keys” (But more details after, because of another bug that it can cause) anyway for complete safe-font experience keep the type code in “external api keys” and after you change all the fonts in each page to safe font and you aren’t seeing other fonts in design-styles page even not the typekit that you choose from adobe typekit site (it shows typekit, but not selected) - you are able to remove the typekit code from the "external api keys" and then from inject header. for some it could already work, and you will be able to not using any webfont. but and this is a big but - each time you will touch the design style panel it will reset. so, each time you want to make a style change, put the typekit key back in "external api keys". after the changes you do, erase it. hope it helps someone. i'm aware there are lot of bugs in the process that i was able to find, and use it for my benefit. but i know it could be tricky and you maybe need to do it few times in different order. And by the way, i'm not in developer mode. Maybe one day I will write a more detailed (and organized) way to speed squarespace while still not using developer mode. Anyway its 3 am in the night- Sorry it came out messy.
  3. Hello, Tricky question. I am trying to find a way to upload multiple photography galleries (about 700 photos) of some projects into one page in a way that It use only one Url (one page with separate versions) and the viewer will be able to open the galleries for viewing. When users will enter into the page then they will see that each gallery will represent a by just a one thumbnail from the gallery (so the page will load faster). But when clicking on a thumbnail it will open an option to view the whole specific gallery (about 30 photos in a gallery) The user will enter a new page with almost the same url but different version of the page. Basically, in other platforms its possible by using query (with question mark after the url) (www.example*.com/page?version2)but I am not seeing an option to do it in squarespace. I don’t want to make lot of separate urls because of duplicate content (almost same text). Any idea will be appreciated.
  4. Did someone succeed to disable the functionality of "Imageloader" and load only the original photos without the query (without 300w,1500w,500w etc) and want to share? squarespace wrote it possible - but i didn't find an online guide for this. https://developers.squarespace.com/image-loader
  5. Its a known thing that one of the key factor of website speed is showing above the fold content first. But it seems that squarespace giving lower priority for banner images that supposed to load first (they loaded at the end or after few of the below the fold elements). on my home page its the latest element it load before favicon (after other images). Because its such a simple tweak, i hope squarespace team will notice and fix it. As "first paint" is a top criteria now.
  6. The only option i've found is to use typekit account. So now its load only two fonts on my site. with a help of some bug that i've found and able to recreate - i've dont use squarespace default method to load typekit (old way was loading javascript) and now i'm able to load it as css file from adobe and put it on header or footer.
  7. Hello, I believe that other users also notice that squarespace load too many fonts than what it configured and show on "fonts on my site". The only trick that I’ve found to override it- is using adobe typekit. So now my site loads only the font and style that I set to it (two fonts). The build in option to use typekit in squarespace uses javascript. Now days (for few years) there is an option that adobe offer for typekit users to use the kit as css (inject to html or @import). I’ve tried it and it does make things quicker and with better results on website speed tests as google insight and others. But here is the problem – after few hours of disabling js of typekit – squarespace again started to load lot of fonts for no reason. So, what I want to ask from squarespace is simple – first stop to load unnecessary fonts that aren’t shown in site style as fonts in site. The second thing is to replace javascript of typekit with css loading of typekit. Where I can ask officially these features?
  8. Hello,I've got some issue that i'm trying to resolve.I've set on almost each page in my site an image that should loaded when the page shared in social media, and although it works on facebook etc - on google search results it always loading random image.how can i resolve this? as it always picking the not one of my favorites.link to site www.roitmanphoto.com
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