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  1. I'm using the Brine template (which Mojave is a family member). The tags for the Index Page sections' background images which are affected by Parallax Scrolling are <div class="Parallax-host-outer"> <div class="Parallax-host"> <div class="Parallax-item" style="top: 0px; left: 0px; ..."></div> <div class="Parallax-item" style="top: 895px; left: 0px; ..."></div> <div class="Parallax-item" style="top: 2773px; left: 0px; ..."></div> </div> </div> If you "View Source" of your webpage and search for them, they are located at the same level as <div class="Site loaded"> which contains the <header> and <section> tags. To target, for example, the first image to push it down 100px from the top of the screen, the following code can be used in the site's Custom CSS .Parallax-host-outer .Parallax-host .Parallax-item:first-child { top: 100px !important; }
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