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  1. So I found a workaround: Creating a new page for each individual photo (and adding custom CSS to reduce side padding on each individual photo page). Now the photos on the gallery page each link to the individual photo page so that when clicked you see a larger version. Not perfect, but it works!
  2. Hi David, (Now sure how to tag Magic Toolbox here). Could you please clarify whether this plugin only applies to product galleries? On your site I only see product examples, and I'm not using products for this gallery. Thanks,~Anna
  3. I have what seems like a simple request: I'd like to create a gallery page where you can zoom in on the images. Some of the pictures are tall and narrow, and thus, it's important that you can zoom in and then scroll to see the entire image close up. I've tried using image blocks, a gallery page template, and a gallery block within a regular page, and none seem to allow sufficient zooming, even in lightbox box mode. Is there code I can add for this? Thanks in advance!!
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