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  1. Hello! Anyone has a CC so that the side menu bar and its pages stack up left centred, instead of middle centred as it is now?
  2. Thanks for reply, Tuanphan! Can you please elaborate on this? WPML plugin is only available for translating WIX pages, not Squarespace, I assume?
  3. Hey there :) Anyone has some knowledge about Wix vs. Squarespace when it comes to translating the checkout page? Does Wix support a multilingual checkout beyond the 6 biggest languages? I would like my checkout page to be in Norwegian. Greetings :)
  4. How do you change the color? At my page it changes to grey with this code.
  5. Good day! How can I reduce the height of the footer (Indigo) And color it with colors? Greetings :)
  6. Hey hello! Any skilled ones out here who knows how to translate the following texts that appearsstraight after adding a product in the shopping cart: "adding..." and "added!". https://turtle-heptagon-6kbh.squarespace.com/config/settings Greetings :)
  7. Thanks for replies! Here's the url: https://turtle-heptagon-6kbh.squarespace.com/config/
  8. Thanks for replies! Here's the url: https://turtle-heptagon-6kbh.squarespace.com/config/
  9. Hello! Any skilled people out there how know how I can translate the following text written at the shopping cart page? (Indigo) When the shopping cart is empty, it is written "you have nothing in your shopping cart. Continue shopping". I want to translate that text. Greetings from Norway :)
  10. Hello out there! How can I translate the "shipping options" button on the checkout page? I would like to have it written in Norwegian. Hope someone can help. Greetings from Norway :)
  11. Ok. Did I manage? I clicked the "share" button in your reply and pasted in the url. I am such a amateur... Sorry!
  12. I would also like to translate the text written under the box where customers are supposed to write their first name and last name in "contact us" mail box. By default it is written "first name" and "last name".
  13. Fantastic link! Thanks again :) Are there other lists of custom codes around on this forum? I found so many things in that list that solved other issues I have as well.
  14. There is also some more text written by default in English on that very same page: "SHOPPING CART" Can I also custom code that text to Norwegian?
  15. Hi everyone! I would like to change the "CHECK OUT" button (indigo template), and have it translated to Norwegian. But the mentioned button is locked by default to English. Anyone here knows how to custom code that button, so that I can have it written in Norwegian? Greetings from Norway :)
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