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  1. BTW these background images are not something that can be added normally through the Camino template. I've used code to add background images to specific Newsletter Blocks. This is the code structure I've used (with varying image URLs): #block-5a26cc1b0789c315fc5d { padding-top: 100px!important; padding-bottom: 50px!important; background-image: url("TOO LONG TO SHARE IN THIS COMMENT"); background-position: center !important; background-size: cover; }
  2. I attempted and they won't provide support for this issue because it has to do with modifications I've made through CSS. The background images on these pages are not part of the Camino template. I've added a comment above to clarify the coding I've used.
  3. I recently tried to troubleshoot the issue of my background images not showing up on Mobile view by reducing the px to around 1700 for each image. This temporarily solved the issue and the images appeared on mobile.I've changed nothing and suddenly they aren't showing up again.Website is www.theempoweredwoman.ca My template is Camino The background images don't show up on home page, my footer, or the following specific pages:www.theempoweredwoman.ca/sacred-yoni-ritualsandwww.theempoweredwoman.ca/mens-sexual-empowerment-optin Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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