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  1. hi @bangank36 it's not online yet, I haven't even tried uploading it. Was hoping there was a simple trick. I'll target the image using the block ID, and then presumably use the code to animate...
  2. Hi! I want to layer an image on top of something else, and would like to reverse the image animation so it actually slides OUT on hover and slides IN when not hovering, to give a ‘hidden’ effect to the information under the image. Is there a way to reverse the animation with css? Thank you so much!!
  3. Hi! is there a way to automatically have a “low stock” image (uploaded by me) display on top of the images of products/services that are low in stock. Similarly with Out of Stock? Little image would ideally display on regular shop or events page and on the item details page. Also- since quantities are not updated until the customer checks out- is there some CSS where I can make in bold, italic red font below the item description (or just style the last line of the item description) to say “please note that inventory is not updated until checkout” or something like that?
  4. @paul2009 would your plug-in be available on my site, to show availability of courses and how many spots are left? Definitely necessary for classes during a covid world LOL.
  5. @paul2009i think I may have a workaround- what about having member pages with information (like address etc) stored on their member profile, which would at least speed up the ‘registration’ process. It’s not a solution but it does enhance the user experience a little. And then on the product/service listed, badges with “limited quantity” or “5 left” or “sold out” would be displayed to prompt the buyer’s urgency to buy. So the main Q is whether SS memberships can suooort this, and whether multiple child profiles can be saved within one member account...
  6. Hi! I’m creating a website for a kids gym, and need to be able to set up one single member account where parents can access & buy classes (aka “workshops”) for one or more of their children - and additionally I would need to store certain info about each child profile within the member account, such as food allergies, home address etc. ideally, when the parent sees a course they would like to sign their child up for, they can click on the course, and a drop down list will appear with all of the profiles in their account, which they can select. For example, I as a parent would
  7. @paul2009 like if/then rules for the forms. Hot form does this pretty well but I’d prefer not to have the client pay for another subscription off-site. So basically, the logic would be rules that state: 1. IF Callan’s name is selected, THEN his email address will appear and 2. IF Callan’s name/email are selected THEN the submission is sent to Callan’s email. would love to hear that squarespace’s form capacities have updated over the years, but I can’t figure out how to create a conditional logic beyond a simple yes/no radio button 😞
  8. @paul2009 do you know if SS has updated their conditional logic? This is for a school and the teachers need to send daily reports to the parents- the goal is for them to fill out a form for each member of the class, and have the data from the form sent to the parents.
  9. @paul2009 this is truly amazing- thank you so so much for your help and support on this!! I will definitely report the issue to Squarespace because I know a ton of users who would be really upset if they thought they had a spot booked, only to find out at the end of filling out the lengthy form that the class is sold out. Thank you so so much!!
  10. Hello, I'm presenting to a client next week- they are hoping to use forms to increase the efficiency of some of their workflow. Basically, the form would be built with the following fields: -student name -(student email address would then appear automatically with logic) -more info, then submit. the submissions need to be sent to the student's email address which appears when selected, rather than a dump into one account. Is there a way to use this logic? Thank you so much!!!
  11. Site URL: https://www.BarbaraAnneHarrisFineArt.com site password: Cinderella56! I'm trying to set up workshops (by creating service products, and adding limited-quantity variants) for a client. I have implemented the mandatory form be filled out when they "add to cart" however, I need that same form to be filled out if they are purchasing multiple spots. The client is a children's club, and some parents might be buying space in the workshop for more than one of their kids (i.e. twins, siblings, etc). Therefore, the form needs to be completed for each 'item' sold, even if it is the sa
  12. Did anyone ever find the answer to this? I’d like to know too!
  13. @tuanphanany advice on this? I would love to do this on a food truck website I’m proposing next week. Thanks!!
  14. also as a follow up- is there any way to set limited quantities for each option? for example, 10 spots in the 9am class, 10 spots in the 10am class, etc?
  15. Site URL: https://www.BarbaraAnneHarrisFineArt.com Hello! I'm testing out a 'service' on my shop page and trying to add options and pricing variants which are dependent on one another. For example, we are offering courses which are 3 hours, 4 hours, and all day. Additionally, we have multiple time slots for each, and obviously each hour length time slot has a different price associated. Can I customize one service offering for this, or do I need to create seperate 'products' (services) for each of the hour lengths (3, 4, all day). To clarify, the limited quantity 3 hour course from
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