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  1. Yes its possible with the following CSS. .collection-type-gallery.gallery-design-grid .slide .slide-meta { display: block !important;}
  2. Does anyone know how to add "title" attribute to the inline images on the Squarespace template? Seems these attributes are completely missing and are needed to improve image accessibility,
  3. I am able to see the ALT tags now so would consider this issue as resolved. But when I test the images for accessibility and screen readers using the ChromeVox extensions it is kind of annoying as instead of captions it read out the "data-src" attribute. The solution to this issue would be to add the "title" attribute for the images and use same text as image "Alt" attribute. Thanks!Varsha
  4. Hi, I have created inline image blocks and have added captions to them. But when the image source code is viewed in the browser the code shows captions in a tag rather than as an image Alt attribute text. Is there a way to add Alt attribute to the image tag? Thanks!
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