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  1. I'm also having trouble with this. In addition to subscriptions it seems that regular purchases by registered customers will not send to GA... Unfortunaltely I can't seem to find any sensible workaround for this. And as my customer is mainly selling products by subscription, not being able to track sales outside of SS analytics is a challenge that might lead to leaving the platform..
  2. @tuanphan Thanks - but this added "from" to every productprice on all productpages - while I am looking to only replace the "from" text on products which have product variants..
  3. Hi,On product pages where product has variants I want to change the text of 2 elements:1: There is a "from" before pricing which I would like to change.2: On these products there is a dropdown which has the text "select". Also would like to change this. Anybody know if/how this can be done? BR/Tomas
  4. When on shoppingcart page there is a button called "Checkout" - I'm looking to change this text.Does anyone know ho to do this with CSS or other code? I managed to add the correct wording via CSS, but would rather replace/remove the orgiinal text.
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