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  1. After MUCH MORE searching and trial and error, I found a solution to this problem. I've registered a handler (ajaxComplete) to be called when the Ajax load completes. Here's the revised code for anyone facing a similar situation. <script> /* Hide all but the first testimonial */ $( document ).ajaxComplete(function() { $(".slideshow .sqs-block.quote-block.sqs-block-quote.null:gt(0)").hide(); }); /* Load all the testimonials */ $(document).ready( function() { $(".col.sqs-col-12.span-12:has(.sqs-block-quote)").addClass("slideshow"); $(".slideshow").load("/testimonials .col.sqs-col-8
  2. @BigDad13 I've read that having Ajax loading enabled on your site will interfere with widget embed code. Have you tried disabling Ajax loading in Design->Site Styles->SITE LOADING? Several templates have this enabled by default.
  3. I'm trying to load a group of blocks from one of my pages (/testimonials) into another page using jQuery's .load function (an Ajax method) and then display them with a fadeIn/Out animation to create a slideshow of testimonials on the current page. The load executes but the lines following do not. Here is a snippet of the code that's injected into the page header: $(document).ready( function() { $(".col.sqs-col-12.span-12:has(.sqs-block-quote)").addClass("slideshow"); $(".slideshow").load("/testimonials .col.sqs-col-8.span-8 .sqs-block.quote-block.sqs-block-quote.null"); $(".slideshow &
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