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  1. Actually I figured out a workaround. I added the image into the FAQ entry about pre-painting prosthetics, then used THAT image URL within the form. It displays a Squarespace image just fine, no custom CSS required. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Gotcha, I figured I was doing something dumb. It works now with your image, but when I replace it with the location for the one I want (http://www.chrispaynemakeup.com/colors-1.jpg) it fails to load, just a blank space. Also is there a way to modify this so that it works across all of the products, or do I need to modify and re-enter the code for each one?
  3. Thank you for this! I'm afraid I'm a luddite with CSS, my web knowledge ends at HTML from the mid-2000s. When I entered the code I got this: Here is the exact text as it appears in the "manage form fields" for the form, cut and pasted: I assume I probably have one character out of place or I was meant to change something other than the image URL?
  4. Almost all of the products use the same form, but the one in the screenshot is here: https://www.instantmonsters.com/shop/p/beaky
  5. Site URL: http://www.instantmonsters.com On my website I offer the option of pre-painting the prosthetics that customers order. When they add an item to the cart, a form pops up with color choices. Originally I had linked an image from an outside source since I couldn't figure out how to do it within Squarespace. It worked fine for a long while, but now I'm finding that image doesn't display. Here's the original text I inputted to the form: It used to display the image just fine, but now it just shows a broken image icon (see attached screenshot). How can I fix this? Squarespace offered no help other than a link to this forum. If I have to I can add the same color sample jpg to each product's photo gallery, but I'd rather not have to go that route. Every time I add a new color I'd have to update every item I have in stock.
  6. Site URL: http://www.chrispaynemakeup.com I've recently moved my webstore over to Squarespace, and I'm very happy with it (instantmonsters.com) As a makeup artist I'd like to bring my portfolio website over as well, but it has some specific requirements that I haven't found on any Squarespace templates. Specifically I need a few levels of nesting galleries. Take a look at the current site (chrispaynemakeup.com) to see what I mean. Are there any templates that work with this that I've somehow missed, or is there a way to start completely from scratch within Squarespace? I like the layout and format of my current site, but it's not very good on mobile and badly needs to be optimized for search engines. Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm opening a store where I sell variations on the same product. Basically there's the basic product, but for an extra fee it can be painted, then for another fee it can have finishing work done, etc. The extra options stack like this: Unpainted base version - $20 Painted version - $30 Painted version w/ finishing - $40 Right now I have them listed as different variats on each product page, but that makes inventory tracking difficult since all the different options start with that unpainted base version. Is there any way to set a single master stock quantity no matter which variation someone selects?
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