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  1. I just realized why you didn't understand my question right away. My apologies. I used the word upload instead of insert (from the already uploaded images). If you think it's a bug then I'll contact square space directly. In terms of inserting multiple images at once from the imported section - how's this done (which was my second question. I. E. You hold shift? Ctrl?.. Etc)? Thanks!
  2. Hi Paul, I know how to upload images. Drag them in or click and upload. The issue I'm having is when you follow the steps I listed up above it simply replaces ALL of my old images with the new image I uploaded. Which means I have to re-upload every image all over again. On top of that, it lets me select only 1 image at a time to add to my gallery from my "uploaded" images section (the search function that shows you images that have been uploaded). So if you have 20 images, this will be a very slow process. So again, your answer to my question doesn't answer my main concern as I mention
  3. Greetings, I want to add additional photos to an existing gallery and from what I can tell this option doesn't exist. I go to my gallery block, hit edit. In here, one will notice several options. Content, Design at the top and Upload Media and Use Existing Gallery as selections. When I click Upload Media, one has two options. Either click Upload Images or click the plus (+) sign in the bottom right hand corner (which allows you to search through already uploaded images - which is helpful). When I click search, one has the three options above. Free, Premium and Imported. I click Importe
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