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  1. I am happy Squarespace added this option to the "Video" blocks. (Version 7.1) Player Controls > None See image below:
  2. Hello Community! Can someone help me please gettting rid of this Safe Preview message that appear on the editor's view? My screen is getting very messy 😄 Thank you!
  3. worked just fine! thank you for your assistance and helpfull content as always!
  4. @creedon thank you for always posting helpful content! I am using Brine 7.0 Template and i have followed the steps you have provided in this thread using the following link: https://github.com/tomsWebConsulting/twcsl/blob/main/Store Product Detail Add to Cart Button Url Redirect/README.md i set Set bailIfNoSkusInMap to false. Set url to a URL. Everything is working fine but "add to cart" is redirecting to the following: https://www.website.net/shop/www.website.net/wishlist instead of www.website.net/wishlist Can you please tell me what am i doing wrong?
  5. That’s very sad. Thank you both for your input!
  6. Hello! I am looking to modify the wording of "Discount" below under checkout: Can anyone help me finding this code?
  7. Any updates following this topic? I am also looking to find a way to change the “Discount Code” wording.
  8. same problem here. it is very sad this option does not exist. however. its funny that its possible to be done using the following extension (paid plan): https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/how-to-take-manual-payments-on-squarespace#:~:text=Squarespace does not accept alternative,still place their orders online. so I'm still unsure why they don't have this option.
  9. I am looking for a solution to remove of the generated message by "code" and "embeded code" blocks which are affecting the block size and position of my HTML Codes. I am unable to shrink the size vertically further more because of the message on top mentioning: "this block contains embeded scripts..." Any suggestions?
  10. Please add "Name" and "Last Name" ASAP. Not gona use a 3rd party to get this to work. It is not acceptable to keep these fields blank: Thanks!
  11. I just noticed that Safari browser is not applying font style on certain glyphs on all Squarespace fonts! Such as ®️glyph. Working properly on Google Chrome, Mozilla, Brave. Anyone knows how to fix this? Google chrome: Safari:
  12. You can also use this website which converts some letters, numbers & glyphs into superscript: https://lingojam.com/SuperscriptGenerator
  13. figured it out: @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#page-section-6239f21805e2e555229c40f1>.row>.col>.row>.col { width: 50% !important; float: left !important; } } Thanks
  14. @tuanphan thanks for the quick reply. Yes, 2 rows will also work for me , awaiting the code...
  15. looking to have a 3x3 images for the following logos under "/vendors" page on mobile only: XXXXX.squarespace.com/XXXXX pass: 1234
  16. Hello Everyone, I'm using "Gallery Slideshow" block, using squarespace 7.1 Seems the autoplay option is missing on those, any code injection turnaround? Thanks
  17. Site URL: https://one-voice-movement.squarespace.com/faqs Hi Everyone. I'm looking to get a Lightbox when clicking on "Read Bio" Button. My main concern is to display the "full bio" in a Lightbox in the same page. This feature was available in Squarespace 7.0 Extra note: I also have an Elfsight Premium account, but seems embedding the popup to a button is impossible. Correct me if I'm Wrong. https://one-voice-movement.squarespace.com/faqs Password: 1234 Elfsight widget: <script src="https://apps.elfsight.com/p/platform.js" defer></script> <div class="elfsight-app-de0cb9e6-01f5-4552-a5d0-f9d47e410b07"></div>
  18. Is there a way to make an inner border for the buttons instead of an outer one, Current border is dominating extra space on mouse hover due to the outer stroke > causing my blocks to move further down. Here's the code that im using: //button style .sqs-block-button-element:hover { border: 0.1px solid #EBA900; border-width: 0.1px !important; color: #EBA900; background-color: #ffff; transition: all ease-in-out 0.5s; opacity: 1!important; } Thank you.
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